275lb Clean Attempts

in #cleans6 months ago


I made 6 solid attempts at cleaning 275lb. I failed to successfully stand straight up with it all 6 times but was super close. Just kept getting slightly out of position everytime.

This weight threshold has always been a sticking point for me. The fact I'm throwing it around some is good news though!


I have been out here in Texas training but have really neglected a lot of stuff I need to do with crypto besides the California Dogecoin stuff which is always like herding feral cats. Our first games will be April 15th and 16th against the Long Island Ducks.

Here is the song you can listen to as you step out of your super car to get pumped up for your lift!


Good attempt!! But don’t over do it!! Dangerous!
I have just started with my dumbbells! 😂