Lian Hua Shan莲花山(Lotus Flower Mountain)Park - Shenzhen, China

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Went to Lian Hua Shan Park in Shenzhen for a walk this morning. It's quite beautiful. Shenzhen is the nicest mega city in China in my opinion. It's new, well organized, and located the furthest south with great weather. The newness is a big factor; the other big cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu - all have a chaotic structure due to arbitrary growth over a hundred years, so you end up with clogged streets and ugly, old buildings mixed in with more modern construction. Shenzhen is laid out much better and has many areas where every building is beautifully designed and not crowded. The streets are wide and laid out where traffic flows freely, compared to the other cities.

今天早上去了深圳莲花山公园散步。这很漂亮。深圳是中国最好的大城市。这是新的,组织良好,位于最好的南部,天气好。新事物是一个很大的因素;其他大城市 - 北京,上海,重庆,广州和成都 - 由于百年以上的任意增长,都会出现混乱的结构,所以最终会堵塞街道和丑陋的旧式建筑物,混合着更现代的建筑。深圳的布局要好得多,而且每个建筑物都很漂亮,而且没有拥挤在一起。街道宽度足够宽,并且与其他城市相比,交通畅通无阻。


(Above you can see the opera house, convention center, book city, and Ping An Tower(4th tallest in the world), among others.)

There are also a lot of parks and green spaces, including a long bay park on the coast in addition to where we went today - Lotus Flower Park, one of the bigger parks near city center. It's roughly the size of Central Park in New York. Unlike New York though, Shenzhen has the equivalent of like 8 Central Parks. LHS park has many areas with a variety of terrain and landscaping, multiple bodies of water, a big hill with the obligatory big statue on top, and one of the best views of the city from the top. Here are some pictures:

还有很多公园和绿地,包括沿海的长海湾公园和我们今天去过的地方 - 莲花公园,它是市中心附近较大的公园之一。这大约是New York Central Park 的大小。不过,与纽约不同,深圳有相当于8个Central Parks。 LHS公园拥有许多地形和景观多样化的地区,多个水域,一个大山顶,上面有一个强制性的大雕像,以及从顶部看城市的最佳景观之一。这里有一些图片:


Deng Xiao Ping, the man who opened China to modern trade:

and the obligatory girl on Segway with parasol. You're welcome.

The End.

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Excellent! That first shot looks like the long angle view of the "Emerald City"in "The Wizard Of Oz". I would assume that the "Central Parks" in Shenzen are not full of hobos and serial killers, like the one in new York - although I could be wrong. But at least "Mary Poppins" would swoop in on her Segway if you end up getting "dragged into the bushes" for any number of sordid reasons. Then again, inside a "butterfly bush" is probably not the WORST place to get beaten and robbed... Just sayin'...

Hehe, China parks are overcrowded usually but one thing they are not is dangerous

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Beautiful photo. Sure would like to visit there one of these days as it is not far from where I live.

Great post. The pictures are fantastic. Very cool that they have worked so many green areas into the city. I think more cities need to start doing that. One of the small cities I live near has started to move that way, but they are also tearing down stuff to put up new buildings too. Thanks for sharing!