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Hey guys! What are you up to?

My today's post is disguised as a coffee post. 😊 A while ago @wrestlingdesires suggested I write a separate post about it. But... I don't want to violate any community rules or hurt the feelings of people who don't want to see references or allusions to war. I know there are some. On the other hand, I'm not going to hide where I live. And everyone knows that there is a war in our country. That's why I'm writing this post on my own blog.

So, why I'll start with the coffee pot.

I will not pretend, I am not one of the gourmets who distinguish at least 10 different tastes and aromas in each type of coffee. There is not much pleasure in my life now. Coffee is among them. Not quite so. Coffee has become a necessity for me. But it remained a pleasure.

I've been brewing coffee in a Jezva (Turkish pot) for many years. This means standing by the stove every morning and making sure the coffee doesn't run.


Many years ago I've bought a cooper Jezva with firebird (on the right). So I was told. I have been using it every day for 12 years. A couple of years ago, the wooden handle broke. And my husband fixed it. But this time another problem appeared - it began to leak.

I needed a new Jezva during the war, when supply chains were broken and many businesses closed. I called several online stores. No one answered. I asked my daughter to go to the store in my hometown where I bought it 12 years ago. It is gone. So I turned to new friends.

My new friends here are volunteers. Nika was running a coffee business before war. Her son joined the Armed Forces as a volunteer. Now he is in a hospital here in Kyiv. I asked her if she knew where I could buy a Turkish coffee pot.

Of course, she found me one. But what! I feel like a student who became an owner of a Lamborghini by chance.

This jezva was sold to me by a friend of hers, with whom she participated in international coffee competitions - Cezve/Ibrik Championship. Stavros Lamprinidis won the championship a few times, and Nika was on his team too. 🏅🏆 He was also involved in the creation of the perfect jezva for brewing this type of coffee. My pot was used for presentations, so I got a 50% discount, and even so it was not cheap for me, around $27.5. In general, I agree with my husband that people who are serious about the coffee business are a little crooked.😜😆


Jezva Johny is made in Greece in the traditional way - by hand from a single sheet of copper and without the use of any chemical or electrolytic/galvanic processes.

When I took it in my hand and compared it with the old one, I realized that ... my Firebird had served me well for a long time, but it was a fake. Real copper is smaller and heavier.😎


The new jezva has a one-piece copper body with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm, an internal coating with edible tin, applied by hand, a perfect laconic shape that has been proven over the years - "hourglass" compliance with European and Ukrainian safety standards for human health. The height of thos princess is 88 mm, bottom diameter is 63 mm, Volume up to a narrowed waist: 100 ml.


I brought a couple of coffee cups from my trip to Turkiye. It is difficult even for us, Ukrainians, to understand the disaster and sorrow that the recent earthquake brought them. And I am very glad that HIVE community and my country joined in helping.



Now, when I have a perfect coffee pot, I need a good coffee to cook in it. Nika supplied me with the package from her own store. They have the necessary equipment and roast and grind the coffee themselves.


But I also found Mehmet Efendi for a very good price here, by chance. It's one of my 2 favorite Turkish coffee brands. As I said, I'm not picky.


I even have an old manual coffee grinder. You got a great laugh out of it but I use it once in a year to grind clove for Christmas cookies.


When my beverage is ready, I can enjoy it with home made cookies, it with nuts soaked in honey that my daughter Nat sent to me. Perfect match.


It's time to finish, because today there are many important things to do. I need to collect a parcel with underwear and slippers for the wounded in the hospital in the Kharkiv region. This is a hospital where they are brought straight from the front line. They are there far from home and from relatives who can visit them. And they definitely don't have spare socks, underpants or T-shirts with them. But they have us.

This time my cosmetologist and her colleagues are helping me. This is a special clinic and all the people there are special to me. I have known them since I moved to Kyiv.

And I really think it's a great idea suggested by @ericvancewalton - to place a referral link on the footer of the post 😉


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Those coffee makers are are works of art! I can't imagine how good the coffee is made that way, I don't think I've ever tasted Turkish coffee.

I've been using a pour over coffee maker for the past ten years. I have a collapsable version that I use when I travel.

This makes a really decent cup but the water has to be the proper temperature, this is the key to this method of brewing.

Is it similar to Filter coffee makers? If so, this is my second favorite method. It's designed for busy/lazy people like me ) But after I moved there is no place for it on my tiny kitchen, so I gave it to my daughter.

That's correct, you use a cone filter in this pour over, just like in a drip coffee maker. It's great while traveling, especially these collapsable ones -

Your new jezva is lovely and I hope it serves you well for a long time! The old one with the firebird is gorgeous, though, and maybe you could re-purpose it as a place to hold something else! It would be perfect for holding sticks of incense, or a stash of individually-wrapped candies, or for keeping your long-handled cooking spoons in an organized place! It's too pretty to discard! Sounds like this "Turkish coffee" is something I must try some day! 😋

God, you are Genius! I didn't think of it that way but you are right! There are lots of uses, and it will look stylish.

Ah, I wish I could make a coffee for you 🥰🥰🥰 Still hope to thank you one day 😇

Enjoy your Coffee. I dont know what it is, but I dont't like the taste of coffee very much, but what I absolutely like is the smell of it. Usually I also like to eat or drink everything that smells good, but this doesnt apply to coffee, very strange.

Smell and taste can be tricky. Sometimes they don't match 😁 I am not a person who drink coffee all day, I usually have it only in the morning. It became a habit I guess.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend ❤

The new coffee pot looks wonderful :) I'm glad you got some good coffee to put in it 🙌

@millycf1976 I think you'll love this post :)

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I'm glad to hear you like it 🥰 Thank you for the idea!

It smells good though the photo in my phone 🤗


Enjoy, such an elegant way to make your own day at home... I hope it tastes good too...

Little things, little joys. Hold on in there, my dear... 🤗🤗🤗

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Coffee is my favorite especially before living to work but after reading through its side effects, I began to reduce the intake

This is a good point!

Ah dear, we can't have the dark overshadow everything right? All those little lights, like the one you are, need to keep shining to lead others through all the darkness. And ourselves. Keep the flame running, I wont lose mine either. 🤗

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

What you have there is absolutely 😍😍😍

That coffee cops is something I've been dreaming about. I had my eyes on one on eBay and was about to order it from Turkey, the one week after I stopped drinking coffee. This was in 2018. I still admire coffee and all that comes with it, cops, espresso machine, all the things you showed here. But I don't want to drink coffee anymore, so I'm left with the admiration 😃

I think I remember that time and your post about breaking up with coffee. I admire your decision and your will, I wish I could do it one day. But now this is my least trouble 😆

This is the Turkish style to make coffee? I've never had Turkish coffee before. But that is very similar to how my Sicilian grandfather always made his espresso every morning.

Looks good!

Yes, this is what they call Turkish coffee. It's all about pot and grinding coffee - grinding should be very fine, not like sand, but almost like dust.

Also, I love what they call Ottoman coffee, they add cream to it.
In Asia, sometimes they use hot sand to heat up jezva, but now we use gas.

Thank you for dropping by!

Fancy! I love your new Jezva. My friend recently went to Turkey and she loved their coffee so much that she brought a Jezva at home. I don't think I would be preparing it at home as the chances that it would end up all over my stove are BIG!

Have a good weekend, my dear friend! Thinking of you 😘

Turkish culture is so rich, I fall in love with it on my first self trip. They have also awesome tea pots, not likely to those we use to. Their tea traditions are very rich as well, this is so on interesting story.

Ah, I am saying that I envy your friend 😊😊😊

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I a coffee lover too, everything on this post looks so fancy to drink coffee and here I am making coffee on a Muller and drinking on a Glad cup 😓got to up my game, nice pics, thx for sharing

Thans for checking my post!

I've not heard of a Jezra before so thank you for educating me. I agree, @milliecf1976 would enjoy your post. The coffee community are a lovely lot!🥰

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