📷 #ColorChallenge💚 -💐ThursdayGreen🍀-The So Wonderful💐-Passiflora A.K.A Passionflower ! Truly Marvelous & Absolutely Magnificent !!! 😊Enjoy Watching👍!

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There are flowers, beautiful flowers and then there are flowers that generate abundant curiosity around them!!!

I felt the same, with Passionflower...especially this one!!!

Though the beauty of this flower is truly magnificent and such marvelous around its petals and other parts that makes it so unique flower, in itself!

However, with this one flower, in particular, I was in absolute awe, looking at its anatomy of Anther, Stigma and ovary, so prominent that it was overpowering the entire beauty of the flower and holding the main-stage, while I was capturing them.

It looks to me like an alien flower, from another world!!! Perhaps, we live in such a mysterious world, isn't it!

Known as Passiflora AKA Passionflower, it has more than 500 species of its flowering plants on Earth! Amazing!

Some species of this flower has traditional medicinal properties and its leaves (fresh or dried) may be used in making tea that is beneficial in insomnia, hysteria & epilepsy and it is also perhaps valued for the analgesic properties that it contains. Though, some of its species may have genotoxic effect on the cells. Further research is on!



Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

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I haven't see this kind of flower before. It is very interesting and unique as well.

So beautiful. Your posts always make me smile. :)

Awh...:) Thank you so much! @katrina-ariel Really appreciate that wonderful gesture !!! :)
Much obliged !

hey bro
I upvote on your content . I wish you will do the same for me and its continued.....

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it is very beautiful photography! i like it

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So unique flower, looks like some kind of organic device.

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It really is a feast for the eye, no wonder why that flower has such a powerful name. There is indeed a big number on varieties from that flower. Which is the one you like the most?

Here I left some of them. Hope you enjoy.



They truly seem from another world. Best regards.


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