Exotic Jellyfish - ColorChallenge - Wednesday Yellow

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This exotic creature is a jellyfish. Did you know jellyfishes existed before dinosaurs? They swim in their graceful manner in the ocean depths for million of years. They can be found in the ocean depths and along coastlines of the ocean. They may be beautiful in their ethereal transparent form, but do not be misled with nature's beauty. Jellyfish creatures carry stinging cells in their tentacles which will result in a person being stun or paralyzed.

There is the popular belief that the immediate action to take if a person is stung by a jellyfish is to have someone else "pee" on the injury site. Supposedly the toxin is mitigated by the chemicals in urine. I can't tell you if this is truth or not (go google!), but if ever something like this happens to me, well, I definitely won't be upset if someone pisses on me! 😂

Edited: I did a quick search on if "peeing" helps with the sting. Sorry folks, no scientific study has proven that urine helps due to urine being too diluted. In fact, the freshwater content of urine, due to it being diluted, may actually cause the venom to flare up even more! It depends on the type of jellyfish sting too. Gosh darnnit, ok, maybe no peeing on me.

Photo is original and taken during an Aquarium visit.


Source of information about Jellyfish: National Geographic, Fact or Fiction on peeing on Jellyfish sting


Glad to see you survived the aquarium visit. Now stop Googling you are ruining everyone's opportunity to pee on each other.
Seriously though you are tearing it up over here in your little hidden corner of steemit.
Wonder if I should be Steeming like this. At first glance it looks more effective than the way I am playing it.

No dolphins came to play, only sharks. Sadly, no whale to hook either. :(

I was curious myself, so at least now I won't feel guilty by saying "pee", "pee", "pee" when the truth is it can actually cause more inflammation. Yikes!

Path of steeming it...dilemma, dilemma. I can tell you my acct grew faster here than being "good" over there. It could be excellent growth if I was dedicated on here, but I only come on when the market condition is right and right now, it definitely is. It's usually a day or two before all is set right again, so I try to post when it is more beneficial. Others go full on out, but I just can't get myself to do it.

I do try to write something, which still takes up my time, albeit not the hours I spend over here (and for lesser earnings). I wish I could just be a sh** poster and not care one bit, but alas, must be ingrained.

I knew there was a dark side buried under all that goody two shoes exterior.😈

I love experiments.......

Hi @erodedthoughts. It should be fun! :)

I like to look at jellyfish only in the photo!
In the sea I'm afraid of them, because I do not know which one is poisonous, and which one is not.
And in my childhood, on the black sea, I took jellyfish in my hands. I did not know then that there are poisonous jellyfish.
I was lucky that I did not fall for this!

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I hope I put it to the best use between returning support, doing more for favorite communities maybe even widening my circle.

Hi there. I haven't been on here lately. Too exhausted with the real world. Managing one account is hard enough, nevermind two! Lol, oh well. I hope you were able to enjoy that week delegation. It's always nice to have some extra ooomph. :)

I had a great time with that for sure. I keep thinking it would be nice to have a 2nd account then I think of the things I am not keeping up with on this one lol

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