Color Challenge -:- Sunday Purple

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Hello, Steemians :)
This is my entry for Color Challenge: Sunday Purple.

This photo was taken in September 2017 in Slovenia.
I think that this is:

Erythronium dens-canis
Pasji zob in slovenian language

Erythronium dens-canis is widespread throughout southern Europe, where it grows in high altitude deciduous forests, often by as an ornamental flower grown in gardens.

The whole plant is edible. Leaves can be eaten as salad. From rhizomes sometimes also produces the starch in addition to flour for pasta.

Common dog teeth are always a single-colored plant, up to 15 cm high. The flower of the plant is white, pinkish or purple and has six violet petals that are level in young plants, and gradually, they turn upwards until they are so distinctly curved as in cycles. Blooms in March and April.

The name of the plant was obtained by its root, which is white and is at first sight similar to dog tooth.

Scientific classification

Species:E. dens-canis




There is nothing beautiful than nature

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Gorgeous macro work! You’re a talented photographer :)

Tole je pa rekord :)

Skoraj :)

Great entry my Friend! Beautiful photo! I love the color purple! The absolute beauty on planet earth! All the best my Friends! Warm Wishes! Positive Energy! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Photo looks very realistic..i actually like this type of green photography...

wow....its a amazing photography...i like it,,,,,i hope everybody like your post...thanx for shear it

Beautiful flower. That makes me want to share some from here in Fiji. Vegetation is prosper here since it rains a lot and they grow really beautiful ass well.

Very good flower friend thanks

What an interesting flower. Thank you for the photo!

pretty cool @fbslo nice photo.


Beautiful photo and detailed description very interesting.

great post, beautiful picture

Greatly appreciate the time you took to add facts, details, an context to your shot. I'm new here and would like to post my images and you have given me a great outline of what a short and sweet but beyond average post looks like. Keep shooting.


So nice 👍👏👌

nice photo!

Nice work! It's always amazing to me how much the color of a plant can really "pop". You did a great job making this one jump out, good on ya for partnering with mother nature for the color challenge!

Beautiful bro, but the focus I hope more details

Lovely job, this pic is so beautiful and the flower looks perfect!

You are rrally a scientist, waw!!! Thats a great reseach. Keep it up. I love it

We have a similar flower here in Venezuela, it grows in cold weather too. Here you are a picture, although the color is practically the same, the shape is different, however nature is beautiful and definitely we must protect it.


This photo was taken by me in 2013 in a city called Merida.

Regards to you my friend.

Your photography is just amazing....
Thanks for share....
Keep it up....

What a beautiful photograph you managed to capture the essence of that wonderful flower and its expletive congratulations

good information

Wow sesuatu yang sangat menarik.