ColorChallenge: Monday Red-Crawfish Boil Sunday Dinner


Decided to make some boiled crawfish for a family style dinner at my house in Beijing last night. Look at that wonderful red color. Tossed them in a very garlicky tomato based sauce and good to go. Delicious mudbugs!!

Photo taken with my Google Pixel XL


Very delicious!

You have taken a lot of time putting all this together this is a fantastic post great pictures and content we love it. Please join our Discord

Thanks for the invite! I'll have to check it out. Need to download discord first lol ;)

It is a nice photo. Is this cooked Chinese style or a different style?
How did the family like it?

I just cooked it my style. Crawfish boiled in salt water and then tossed in a homemade sort of thin garlicky buttery marinara.

Looks amazing friend :) Id love to have some lobsters but they are damn expensive where i live.. Otherwise never seen crawfish bef

Crawfish are just like mini lobsters. But quite a bit cheaper and more fun to share with friends :)

Protien filled!!
Follow up😄

Looks delicious and it must taste even better whoever got to eat that is very lucky indeed

delicious pic.

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Wow you seem like you are a really good chef @realcodysimon
It looks like something that you would get out of a restaurant haha
I lovely cooked piece of crawfish. It looks so beautifully cooked as well.
Great Job! :)

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Amazing easy to follow recipe,

it looks yummy :)

love this post . thanks for share . waiting for your next post

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This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

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Puedes darnos la receta completa?, ese cangrejo se ve muy apetitoso

Looks amazing!

Good picture really looks delicious, could u please share the recipe ?

I like the image, but not the crawfish. :-) I bet you enjoyed them though!

This is an amazing photo! I'm really taken aback by the quality and contrast of colour in this picture. I love your work and can't wait for your next post. I would really appreciate it if you had the time to check out some of my color challenges and let me know what you think, if not, I hope you see you in the next post. 😉

HOT capture.

This is quite the beautiful photo! You nailed the composition and lighting of the dish.

That's really cool you shot it with the Pixel XL also, I've been thinking about getting that phone. Possibly waiting around for the Pixel 2 though.

Anyways, nice photo...looks tasty! Have a great day!

Great post as a foodie and food photog I can't say more how pleasing this dish and photo are, bravo! I'm new to the community and made my first post today @fatherof5foodie take a look if you get a chance.

It is a nice photo

Awesome captured dear. Cool, I am going to follow you.
Keep steem on.

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It looks very tasty. I'll be able to cook some seafood soon. Can you tell me how long did you cook your crawfishes? Did you add any seasonings to them?
Thank you in advance for useful advice.

looks really tasty but i guess after three days they are long gone

you should put the pic in macro for photochallenge as well

I made a list of all photography challenges on steemit

It is a nice photo!!ColorChallenge