ColorChallenge: Wednesday Yellow-Fruit


A plate of delicious yellow fruit brought right to my lounge chair on a beach in Vietnam. Mangoes, Pineapples, and Passionfruit to enjoy listening to the beach waves crash on the sand. Music to my ears. And don't worry about that flying ant that happened to land on the passionfruit. Just a quick flick and it was good to go.


Great photo choice! Was happy to see something other than flowers.

haha flowers are the easy choice to go to for these color challenges. I'm usually cool with them but I agree, it is nice to see something different. ;)

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Very nice looking. I wish i had some. 😀😀😀

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I like fresh food :) And this here I want :)

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Yellow and blue! I like it!

Those mango look so good! My favourite fruit is mango..specially green sour mangos! If you still in Vietnam you should visit Nha Trang!


Nice picture i love all fruits :) upvoted and follow your account, have a nice day, greetings from Hungary!

It looks like you are relaxing in paradise.
An abundance of fruit fit for a king.
Absolutely beautiful photograph @realcodysimon

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Eat delicious fruit
I like fruits

This looks so good. And perfect for the colour challenge!

I think the vitamins would have killed me :)