Tango the Stallion - 365 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12 - Colorful/Animal Photography Contest

Tango the Horse in Mayaka Valley Ranch Florida

Hey guys! I am finally back to posting after a week of travellng and being away from the computer a bit more than usual.Yesterday evening I wound up out on the farm in Florida in Myakka Valley Ranch, and I obviously couldn't help but take a few pictures of this beautiful horse. Tango is a muscular stallion who is 6 years old and lives a happy life, grazing the fields and running around with the other horses, ducks, pigs, chickens and deer. This horse was pure muscle and had a fierce power in his eyes. I love looking into the eys of a horse. Horses are just some of the most peaceful, beautiful and majestic creatures in the world. They seem so wise and deep. I think he was a little upset that I didn't have an apple for him but he sure liked the petting and attention either way. Tango's owner doesn't have the barn or property to keep him, so he gets to stay on this beautiful piece of property and relax all day.


One Day I Will Power Down My Steem Power and Buy a Farm

Not that I have nearly enough, or even close... but I wish to one day own a farm. It must be so peaceful and serene to have a farm filled with happy animals. I've never rode a horse before, only mules once, but one day I will learn to ride. I want to have chickens, pigs, horses and tons of plants growing everywhere. I want to grow a bunch of vegatables and #steem them all :P So if I ever disapear, hopefully it means I bought the farm. (Just kidding, I have nowhere to go and if I buy a farm I'll just be posting even more.) Do any of you ride horses, and how hard is it to learn?


365 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12 - I missed Over A Week and Feel Like a Failure

So unfortunately I have completely messed up my goal to post a photo per day as per my #photochallenge365, but I have been traveling for work, and to see family, and have not made the time to post. That being said, I have been trying to take pictures as much as possible so I should have some good photo content for weeks to come. I got some really cool shots of a gorgeous rooster that I can't wait to post on the next #animalphotography day. I hope any of my followers are not disapointed that I fell off, but hey... we're all human.. It's not like we're all Zuckerborg. The image below f the Zuckerborg is not my image. Credit to @ianbremmer's twitter for this hilarious meme.


Join The 365 Day Photo Challenge

The whole point of the #photochallenge365 is to motivate to post something every day even if you don't have much to write about. If you are new to Steemit, or running out of ideas of what to post, this should help you stay regular and post something no matter what. Even though it hasn't gotten me to post every day, I can say that it has helped me post a lot more. A special shout out to the people on Steemit that make this platform great from witnesses like @jerrybanfield to content promoters who incentivize and excite new users to post good quality content. In particular I realy appreciate @photocontests for always having a great topic of the day, and giving out prize rewards to people who are posting good images. I was extremely suprised, excited and proud that I had a post featured as a weekly winner in the #cityscapesphotography contest. You can see the photo I posted that won by clicking here. To read more about World of Photography's Steemit Photo Contests, click here to read the rules.

If You Like My Channel and Support Quality Content on Steemit, Please Follow, Upvote, Comment, and Resteem - And I Will Love You

If you enjoy my content, or want to join the challenge, just post a photo, tag #photochallenge365, and leave a comment so I can follow you back. Also, please feel free to comment, upvote, follow and resteem. I really appreciate my community here and love to share the wealth back with my fans and people who post quality content.

Please post a comment, introduce yourself, and let's get to know eachother!

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