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As I addressed earlier, this years Comic-Con International is online only. Which amounts to some stuff going on, on thier website. Apparently a map of the exhibit hall you can drag your mouse around and click on booths to get links, and...everybody just doing their own thing in the spirit of the event with the hashtag #comicconathome



I'm gonna rattle off what I have going on and if you could check some of it out, that'd be awful nice, and my ego would appreciate it

FIRST- I've got two livestreams set to go. What level of trainwreck they become, we will all find out together...but I suspect they will be entertaining the worse it goes.

Friday July 24th 6:30pn CST ( USA)

Ian Samp.jpg

Me and fellow illustrator Ian Chase Nichols ( who has drawn The Tick, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a bunch of other stuff) are going to talk about, and possibly show how we go about illustrating a comic book page. What we do, how we do it, why we do it. ...and probably I'll rant a lot.

Saturday July 25th 4:00 CST (USA)

Michael samp.jpg

is me and...Michael Kingston who publishes HEADLOCKED COMICS. He's worked with dozens off top name professional wrestlers and been to probably thousands of comic book conventions. Between the two of us we're going to share horror stories, and bitch about the comic book industry. Should be fun.

Also Friday, I'll be featured on Makersplace

This is an online art gallery of sorts where you can get blockchain verified limited edition digital art. I've got some new pieces up. my name there is Arsenic Lullaby.


Swing over there and check them out and check out the site. It's an interesting place. The very concept of being able to verify if a digital image is officially distributed by the artst is pretty mind blowing. and with this concept...there are now artists making moving images...It's tough to explain, this guy

All week I'll be taking commissions!


AND don't forget I've got t-shirts available through WORLD OF STRANGE! I don't make t-shirts available too often because you can either go through an online service where the quality might suck, or have to deal with finding a silkscreener and shipping. World of Strange is solid, so I'm happy to be dealing with them. Quality shirts, quality silkscreening...everybody ends up happy.


...and, I think that's all the things. Not having this show to go to...really sucks. It's a big dent in my year. So...check out some of my work, especially on Makersplace, and come join me on the livestreams!




Arsenic Lullaby homepage!



At least you still have a schedule of stuff to keep busy with. It's a shame that comic con is cancelled but this is a fucked up year.

Everything has been cancelled here so far this year and it's a disaster. We have a local festival every year, it's no comic con but it has been going 60 years and brings tens of thousands to the area. In rural Ireland that business keeps the area running for the winter. Without that, it is going to be a tough year.

Looks like nft art is going to become a big business in the next few years. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on makersplace and hopefully the nftshowroom on hive as it develops.

people really overlook the boost to a local economy a comicon or music festival or any of that type thing is for an area. It's a business that is suffering just like all the others, but it doesn't seem to resonate with people that it does in fact have an affect.
I'll admit to not knowing what NFT art means...I assume it's what goes on, on makersplace ( I'm real fuzzy on the whole thing tbh)

That's it exactly. A non fungible token is a unique token. In this case the rights to a digital piece of art. It shows authentication and ownership of that piece. That is what they do on makers place and the nft showroom on hive. There is a decent market for digital pieces at the moment.

Good luck with all this years virtual alternatives! Do you know if the panel live-streams will be archived? Don’t know if I can watch at those times but I’d love to check them out.

I also didn’t know you were into the NFT scene already. I’ve only just started exploring, largely because a system is building on Hive. I’d love to see some of your stuff on there. Is the project... it’s basically just a placeholder site design while the team builds out the functions and white lists a trickle of artists to test it.

These panels probably not (it'd take more editing than I feel like doing)...but in the future, yeah.

I'll admit the same to you...I don't know what NFT means. I started on makersplace a while ago...sold a few pieces...uhm...really a bit unsure of what the whole thing/appeal/point is, but I still ink with a brush so.

as far as the link you sent, that's being built on Hive? I'm not do I put this...I'm nowhere near as enthusiastic or optimistic about this place as I was about steem when I joined years ago, therefor less enthused about getting in on another hive project. I've given this blockchain PLENTY of content and traffic, as have many creatives...only to be largely ignored when the whales get on other sites to mention hive. It's a crypto jerk off here, I've been over this already. I like alla you guys so I keep blogging but that's as far as I've got time for, y'know? Maybe I'll look into that link but, maybe not.

Drat! I know this is 20 days too late @arseniclullaby but I wish I'd have seen and known of this! Oh well. I'm so busy trying to do and make things at home for online it's hard to keep up with the fun bit of looking and chatting with others also doing it :/

aw, well, I'm sorry you missed it, but glad you hear you're keeping busy! I'll probably do more soon. When in doubt you can always sign up for my email updates, it always let people know what's coming up there ( not being pushy, just throwing that option out in case it'd be helpful)