Let the Mid-Life Crisis... Begin!

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Here we have a quick screen capture of a couple open tabs on my iPad, because I was too lazy to slap together a nice little image collage in Photoshop. On an @appics snapshot a week ago I promised to deliver a more thorough update of my recent endeavors... and here it is, fashionably late, in the form of a little bit of a "freewrite."


One aspect of note in the image above is also the timestamp in the upper lefthand corner. 12:32 AM on January 20th. For the past half hour I've been a 40 year old man. Ugh. No need for revelry! Please remain in your seats! I'm one of those introspective, morose birthday people... possibly spurred on further by my age changing amidst the surroundings of the New Year, Valentine's day, and the cold, dark winter.

But if I'm going to have a mildly depressive mid-life crisis, I'm determined to at least make it a productive one! Some guys would hit 40, buy a flashy new car and start chasing women half their age. I don't have the money or the extroverted nature for either... so I'll just draw cars and women instead!

I rung in my birthday continuing the pencil work on the new cover for "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." #1. I showed a snippet of it in that previously mentioned Appics post and here it is again. I'd say pencils are 85% done at this point and I'm pretty happy with it.

ITIWBZ_0012 2.jpg

Recently I started the planning to launch a KickStarter campaign for "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." and was considering beginning it on or around my birthday. However, I really want to be able to fulfill the delivery of the comic and rewards quickly after the close of the campaign, and I still have a lot of work to do revising and editing this issue before going to a full print run and release. So while that is still on the table and I'll announce more as the time draws near, for now I'm just focused on the production instead of the fundraising and marketing.

That doesn't mean I'm not allowing myself some small distractions. I also recently posted a picture of some newly acquired supplies to begin a project I've long had in mind, making custom Funko Pops of my characters. While I followed up with some preview shots on other social media sites, I neglected to share them here! So here's a couple quick looks at that endeavor... my first real attempt with a bit of sculpting. Still a long way to go, but I can already envision "Pop Sarah" and the rest of the crew to follow.



Alright! Now I feel like I've at least got Steem caught up on my recent progress and endeavors for those of you who follow along. You know who you are and a cherish you all greatly!

It's about time for me to head to bed. Another part of my mini mid-life crisis is that I hit the gym today... for the first time in a loooong time. Got that urge to fight off those 40's... So I'm pretty tired and my arms feel mushier than that Super Sculpey.

I'll be back soon with more posts. I started playing around with the Steem beta site and new community features and am more enthused about the future of Steem than I have been in a while. A little bit of exciting price action here and there doesn't hurt either!

Hope you all are well, and if anyone has a surefire way of dealing with mortality and fighting off impending old age and death... please feel free to leave it in the comments!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff


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I'm really digging the rework of the cover! I remember when you were working on the original, and had mentioned that you were sort of fighting with it, which in my world usually means I'm not going to be happy with the result, and the muse is going to nag at me until I do it right, dammit! Mind you, I thought the original cover was looking pretty great, but this new one is really dynamic. At the end of the day this comic is a labor of love for you, so I feel like you can be as nit-picky as you like. You're the one that needs to be satisfied with the work you're producing.

Also, such a cool idea to do your own custom Funko Pops. Excited to see the progress on those too!

Oh, and happy birthday! Getting older may not be your favorite thing to think about, but I think making another trip around the sun deserves acknowledgement and celebration.

Thanks so much for the feedback and birthday wishes! My muse has been nagging something fierce! 😆
It really was such a long process and lots of learning working on the first issue that by time it was “done” there were big disparities in quality, the cover being a good example. I also rushed it to have something to show at the convention deadline I’d set. I’m giving the whole issue another pass... and then I’ll finally move on to issue #2!

Cover is looking great and the little funko pop sculptures are fun - those are already looking good! Welcome to 40 :) I will join you in 6 months or so. My bday falling in the middle of summer I always go on a camping trip and just get the F away from people entirely for my bday week. May this decade be awesome. Good luck on your projects :) Cheers

Thanks so much! I’m at the start of a very rare weekend off... so hopefully I’ll make some more forward progress on both! Enjoy your upcoming 40th. We’re only as old as we feel. But I feel 12 mentally and 82 physically... so it’s a real mixed bag. 🤔

Happy birthday! Well, happy late birthday. The image looks great. You are making some amazing progress with your comic in my opinion. I love Funko Pop. I have a modest collection that might get not so modest in time.

Thank you! 🥳 I was really hoping to be working on issue #2 by now, but I’m also glad to be taking a harder look at the work to date and refining it. I’ll get this out to Steem and the world at some point!

perfection takes time. I was I had your skills, I stopped drawing in middle school and sometimes I wish I hadn't. Keep doing what you are doing. Keeping your dreams alive is more important than any deadline.

I've never owned a car or a flash woman - can't draw either but 40 still ain't so bad :D

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