The Goal Post... 2020 Edition

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For my first post on Hive, I opted to revisit and update my very first post on Steem from 2016. Keeping with that theme, I'm now looking back at a "Goal Post" I originally made on September 22nd of 2018. Damn. Time flies.

These looks back are giving me an odd sense of closure and forward progress that is much needed currently. Are they also a little bit easy and lazy?... Yeah, probably that too. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately but am chomping at the bit to get my new Hive career started off on the right foot, hence the low hanging fruit in content production here!

With that being said, let's take a look at the score, so to speak!


image by Matt Denton; used under(CC by 2.0) license

The original post of mine in question took place exactly 18 months ago. It's hard to believe that at that time I was reaching toward the goal of having 10,000 Steem Power, while having 6,280 at the time. I didn't even set a timeframe of when I wanted to reach what felt like a lofty height, I just knew that I wanted to hit that peak as a minimum before I'd ever consider cashing out any Steem in the future.

Well, nowadays the goal has of course shifted from Steem Power to Hive Power, but I've crushed that original 10,000 dream. As of this writing I'm at 27,077 Hive Power. (I do love the fact that it abbreviates to HP... makes me feel like an epic role playing game character!) A lot of that was purchased with my own funds, probably more than I should have invested! But as the price of Steem fell I still saw the potential of it, and during the recent "Witness Wars" with Justin Sun I powered up even more. At this point the organic growth of my HP occurs mainly from curation, as I'm not the most prolific blogger around... but I'm looking to improve on that!

Goal #1: Hive Power

So... my new goal is now 50,000 Hive Power, by the end of this year. It seems huge when I first think of it, but so did 10,000 just 18 months ago! While I don't plan on investing any more from my own pocket in the near term, I hope the conversion of Steem to Hive that I'll be undertaking in the weeks to come will make a big dent, and my organic activities will push me over the goal line.

Goal #2: Reputation

I've been languishing in reputation score for a long time, mainly due to the infrequency of blogging. It also doesn't help that when I do write I spread it across multiple accounts for different purposes and sorting of content. That being said, with renewed vigor and effort, I really hope to hit a rep of 70 by years end here on Hive. Yeah, it's just a meaningless number for the most part. But it looks pretty. Going back to that HP/role playing game analogy... it's nice to walk around as a high level character!

Goal #3: "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." #1

18 months ago my massive goal was to get the first issue of my comic, "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." finished... and it still is. I got it done, in a fashion of sorts, as I released what I referred to as a "preview edition" at the Baltimore Comic Convention last fall. I'm still working on refining and revising that before a full print run and wider release occurs. It's simply not up to the level I expect quite yet... but it will be. Again, target finish is the end of this year, but the sooner the better as there's so many more issues to come!

It's funny to notice that back in that 2018 post I mentioned one short term goal of acquiring a mug I'd seen in a post by @corinneiskorean, and I can happily say that is one goal I did accomplish! (It was pretty easy... I just had to click a buy button after all...) But it still sits near me and does it's best to urge me on to the completion of that pesky Goal #3.


So I'll do my best to follow the sage advice of my mug and buckle down in the days to come. And by continuing to share that journey I'll also accomplish the other two goals.

There are more desires kicking around in my head that are somewhat nebulous at the moment, especially when it comes to Hive. I find myself driven to start a community of my own, and that process and commitment would generate some fresh goals of its own, but I'm not quite sure what form that will take as of yet.

I do know that I'm re-inspired by the recent transition to Hive and want to promote and recruit as best I can, and populate this chain with the best content I'm able. When we're all aligned toward these same goals, I have no doubt we'll all be very successful in achieving them together. In the end, the most important goals are those that reach off of the Hive blockchain. I don't want 50,000 HP just to have it. I still see the immense potential of this technology, network, and community and believe my actions here can help me secure a future as a creative professional. Beyond that, I love having the power to aid others in similar pursuits with the simple click of an upvote.

So what are your goals? Do you feel more inspired and energized with the new beginnings of Hive?

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff



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This is always a fun experiment, @bryan-imhoff looking back at old writings, it is a form of time travel that really can help with Current goals and TRY any way to get to a better future.

well done on finishing the comic, I'm so out of the loop, I'll have to try and find that post? Also, I'm not sure if it's just on my end, but your images aren't appearing on my end, just the image link writing?

My own Hive goals are simply to try and plug back into what my Steemit goals were and that was to 'try to recapture the joy of mid 2000's blogging' and in so help to keep me on my daily Art track. I'm really trying to get back to my more strict art schedule and I've no excuse now that we are pretty much always 'at home'.

Here is to a better version of 'steem' and a better 'new normal' eh?

Hmm. Interesting on the images. I'm not seeing that on my end. I know images have been a little unstable as they've been transitioning everything to a Hive dedicated image server to not rely on the Steemit run alternative. Perhaps it's temporary.

I'm really trying to settle into a better art routine myself. My schedule isn't very different even in all the strangeness. Part of me would like a good quarantine... but I'm grateful to be consistently employed as well!

I'm still very confused about the Hive/Steem transition, but I am very happy to see you here.

Glad to see you on Hive too! Any questions you have, maybe I can help clear stuff up. In my mind though, Hive is Steem. We had to change the name because Justin Sun bought it, but Hive is more Steem than Steem is nowadays!

I know that Hive is Steem. I see that some people are still on Steemit which is confusing. What did happen with Justin Sun? Why was Hive necessary? I just see confusing bits of information about him buying Steemit. I guess I should stop posting there and move all activity to here, no?

Woah, I did NOT expect the mug to be so...bold! That is a poignant - and awesome -reminder to stay focused.
Although you say you didn't blog as frequently as you wanted during your steemit, you were very present in the comments and in the important discussions (just ask @drwatson!). Yours is a name that's become familiar in these parts. Well, these parts are new, but you know what I'm sayin'!

So what are your goals? Do you feel more inspired and energized with the new beginnings of Hive?

Yes! It's actually still sinking in. There are sooo many possibilities on the new horizon(s) ahead.

To be honest, I feel like I'm still shaking myself out of the daze and I haven't sat down to crystallize my goals as clearly as you have done with yours. But off the top of my head I'll name a couple few.

I have been known to spend a fair amount of time typing a thoughtful comment, only to criticize and question it straight to deletion before publication. The effect is I don't contribute much in the conversation. So one goal is to increase my genuine engagement on Hive with other Hive-ers? Hivesters? Folks here. Another goal is to up my consistency. There were times when I turned off for months at a time on steemit and that's no way to be engaging or cultivate a true relationship with people. Yeah life stuff happens, and next time it does, "ART HARDER"! 😅😉.

On the real, thanks for this post. It's great to hear something positive, right now more than ever. What can I do to help you get to your 2020 Hive goals?

See ya 'round!

What can I do to help you get to your 2020 Hive goals?

Just keep leaving comments like this! Engagement = Inspiration 😁 Really, thanks for the great comment and encouragement. I guess you’re right, even without being a committed “blogger” I’ve been consistently addicted to reading & commenting for years!

I have been known to spend a fair amount of time typing a thoughtful comment, only to criticize and question it straight to deletion before publication

That really got a knowing chuckle out of me. For every comment I leave, there’s also one that suffered this same fate! I’ll be looking for some more consistency out of you! But please excuse me for a moment... I gotta go take more verbal abuse from my mug...