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As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've been working on this really awesome horror comic that I just recently finished up. I really like how the project as a whole came out and I can't wait for the writer to publish the story online so ya'll can see some of the really cool pages. But for now, I thought I'd share the progress shots for one of the less-spoilery pages.

The basic story follows three gold prospectors (a father & two sons) living out in Alaska in the 1800s. When the two sons go out in search of a new claim and never return, the father goes out to figure out what happened. And as most horror stories are wont to do, everything goes horribly wrong.





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I like this comic page that you made, Theresa. The action and story flows from panel to panel and even without dialogue, I can understand that this person is searching for something like a clue, and the expression on his face shows that he is quite concerned with what he found.        
Very effective paneling, nicely done Ms Cartoonist :).      

Thank you! I have to give a lot of credit to the writer; I worked off of his script and he did a great job with panel-to-panel breakdowns. A lot of the times when I work with writers I have to make changes to help with scene flow but he really understood how to translate a story into the comic medium.

Fantastic story-telling! I can't wait for the story to be released so we can see more, but I'm loving the idea, and the way you've drawn the page already tells so much of the story, even without dialogue or a script.

Thank you for the feedback :)

You are always such an inspiration and I agree with @winstonalden, a lot of work in one panel. I think everytime I see how much work I reconsider my own comic ideas. If I ever consider it, it might have to be more about single panel moments I think :)

Comics: I can't live with them and I can't live without them. It's always a very long and frustrating process but it's such an awesome feeling seeing a project to the end.

So true, with any passion. I keep carrying around an idea for a comic/something and when I can get the time in my schedule, which usually happens closer to Winter, I might just jump in.

I love Steemit for that for introducing me to artists and creators such as you, I think we really inspire one another, well at least I'm always feeling inspired anyway! :)

Impressive! I'm always amazed by how much work goes into a single page of a comic book.

Thank you!! It's a lot of work, but always very rewarding :)

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I love the last frame with the black trees. Very powerful and mysterious.