"I Have Been To The Valley" Story Revealed

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The psychedelic-horror western comic you've all been waiting for is now available to read online!

Now, in my head that first sentence is to be read in the voice of an old-timey radio announcer. So if you didn't do that, please go back and re-read that first sentence. Thank you.

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I Have Been To The Valley is the latest comic that I have illustrated. Written by Ryan Ellsworth and featured in his online anthology Though Experiment, the story is set during the 1800s Alaskan gold rush and revolves around a father trying to find his missing sons.

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As he ventures further into the harsh wintery wilderness, he starts to discover that something is not quite right with the forest.

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I don't want to spoil anything else so if you would like to uncover the fate of the father and his two sons click the link below:

Click To Read The Full Story

The Process of a Comic Page

I thought I'd share one last progress shot from this series. What was really nice about working on this series was the writer had a really great sense of how to translate a story into the comic medium. From the pacing to the framing, his script was really spot on and made it super easy to translate his ideas into images. So not much really really changes from the roughs to the final page.




Wait! Before you go!

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This are really good illus @la-fumettista!!! 👩‍🎨 🎨 🎉

Westerns always remind me of my dad, he has a thing for anything with cowboys, guns and horses lol.

Bravo FU! 💙

So you jus teased us and left? Lol! I have to go read the completion of it.
Okay, done! What a tragic ending to the story, but it was worth the read, and I think the images did really well in relating the story..

Its great seeing all the process of making this comic, seeing everything transform to that final result is just great!

Haha! That was my intention all along mwhahaha. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked the story :)

Hahahah! Well, you succeeded, and I am glad I clicked on that link..

Great and awesome comic, Theresa. Love it.  
You executed it very well, I was trying to look at it from an artist's point of view, but the story and the art are just too lovely that I couldn't help but reading those pages as a rapt audience instead XD.        
Congratulations on your curie vote. Totally deserve it ^_^.        

Thank youuuu :)

The comic productivity is somewhat of a rare quality if you ask me it's very difficult creating comic series with stories behind it really is so demanding but believe me this one is totally awesome.
I love the adventure in the comic, the way it tells a story will make the comic series quite worthwhile.
I'd definitely head over to read the story behind the comic

Thank you for the feedback :)

Now, in my head that first sentence is to be read in the voice of an old-timey radio announcer. So if you didn't do that, please go back and re-read that first sentence. Thank you.

Its funny, I actually went back to reread the first sentence in the voice of an old-timey radio announcer. Haha!

Thanks for sharing your comic @la-fumettista. The drawing is really cool and thanks for sharing the process images. You are good! What inspired you to illustrate this particular comic?

Yes! I'm glad you were able to experience that sentence the right way XD

Thank you for reading my post! I actually am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist so I was hired by the writer to illustrate his story. He thought I was a good fit for this story because I tend to draw a lot of horror comics and period pieces.

Ah yes. The voice really sets the mood for your illustration :)
Oh thats nice. Your drawing is definitely amazing and depicts the period well. The writer made the right choice in hiring you :) Wishing you a great weekend there!

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Girl you are pro, huge one! This all looks amazing and great.

Awww, thank you :)

Finally! I'm able to see the process of you creating a comic strip! It's magical, especially when you add solid black to it... Good luck with the book!

I've been drawing comics for a while now and it's still really awesome to see how the page evolves throughout the process.

Spectacular work that you made doing this comic .. Super perfect your illustrations, I loved it ..
How long can it take you to do a complete job like this?

For a 16-page comic, it took me a little over a month to do. I could probably do things quicker were I not juggling other projects at the same time.

I love comic although i am not young anymore. Produced a comic is not easy, you need to have talent in story telling and good in art. May I know, which come first? Storyline or the drawing. My guess is storyline. Am I right? But you really get my attention and read the whole story. The blood color really glaring in a black and white comic. Your drawing was good. I like how you expressed it in comic. How long it took you to finished this lovely piece? Another comic coming:p ?

You don't need to be young to enjoy comics; they're for everyone :) The storyline definitely comes first since comics is all storytelling through a visual medium. This comic took me a little over a month to complete. I'm currently working with @drwatson on his Ithaqa series, so stay tuned for updates on that! But thanks for reading and for the feedback!

you was right, I still enjoyed comic in my age, especially like the comic with cute and beautiful drawing :) I will wait for your next series . Thank you for the update.

I love this kind of publications "behind the scenes" where we can take a look at things we usually don't know.
Can you tell us what types of tools you use to make the comics?

I basically do everything digital nowadays. I have a wacom cintiq tablet and I draw everything in Photoshop.

hey @la-fumettista for letting us behind the scene, it is a great job to combine story and pictures to your stories. Since I was young I loved comics, later on I started with my son and it is amazing because children they interpret them very interestinly on their own way. So even though there is a certain story behind but the children convinced that the pictures tell something different. They find that one of another character sad, angry or planning something bad or may be hurt and very sore. I actually love to read comics with children and if they can't read that is hte best, I let them to tell me the story that the can tell looking at pictures.

I like the way how you created the drawings and step-to-step process, wonderfully created details,

Cheers from art-supporting blog @art-venture

That's so nice that you bond over comics with your kids. Maybe they'll grow up making comic one day! But thanks for stopping by and for the feedback :)

Wow!! Your great artist!!
very good "shadows"! I like it!!
I am japanese artist! I also drawing samurai manga!
Nice to meet you!😉👍

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