Childhood Memories...Need Your Help for my Store

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So seeing childhood characters tends to instantly make someone flashback to their childhood. Back to a much simpler time in our lives.

When I set up at toy shows and comic cons it's amazing seeing the faces of people when they stumble on "That Memory", it might be a toy or a comic that just triggers something. Their body language literally changes, a smile comes to their face, and pretty much without fail a story follows. It's one of the best parts of selling vintage toys and comics.

As a boy raised in the 80's the images in the above photo take me back instantly to my childhood. This feeling is something I want to capture on my signage for my store and while I know a lot about toys and comics from all ages I figured why not get some input from other people.

What characters do you remember the most?

To many sure my signage is as all inclusive as possible I'd love a little help.

  1. What character or characters did you have the strongest connection with as a kid?
  2. Did you have a toy or comics for that character?
  3. How old are you...or maybe an age range (ex. I'm between 40-45)? oh and why your age...well I want to know that I'm covering different age groups and their interests.

Appreciate any help you are willing to give. It will help me decide how best to create my artwork that will be a large part of the signage for the store. Naturally I'll share the final product later and tag anyone who responded here to take a look at what their input helped create.

More to come about the store...

I'm still waiting on the lease which is honestly getting a little ridiculous, but I'm moving forward with my plans as if it's all in place as I was told the space is mine. I'll do another update next week at some point, but for now it's pretty boring stuff like researching POS systems, accounting software and stuff like that...which not a fun post it's pretty important stuff for any business.

Image Source: has been passed around FB for years in a ton of different groups and no way to know who made it.

Side Note: Anyone that wants to be tagged as I post about my stores progress please let me know. Know sometimes posts get lost in our feeds.



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Characters I felt close to:
Velma (scooby-doo), the WonderTwins (superfriends), Princess Leia
Other favorites: Speedy Gonzalez, The Inspector (the French dude), Pink Panther

I didn't really have toys from these, though I would play with them at friends' houses. (Especially Star Wars.)

Age bracket, mid-40s.

A mystery machine would be cool to incorporate...hadn't even thought about that but always scooby-doo was one we watched all the time as kids.

Thanks for the feedback. Gives me some added perspective.

ooo, that would be - especially as another series that has come back for another generation!

I'm also a big Whovian, though I was only marginally into it as a child.

Never watched Dr Who...but it's on my list of ones that at some point I should give a try if for no other reason then I sell the merchandise.

Start with the restart (2004/Christopher Eccleston) - then you can always go back to the old ones if you like, but they were way behind in cinematography in those days - and it shows. (The DVDs are in my library - so check it out, you may not have to pay anything to get caught up.)

David Tennant is probably the best of the current series.

I use our library a lot...well my Wife does for me. It's amazing what we have available for free. We also have a ton of audiobooks that can be "checked out". It's great. Wanted to read "Profit First", but was being honest with myself and knew I wouldn't have time so we looked and sure enough it was there for free.

I'll keep in mind when to start. I have seen screen shots of old episodes and they look very B rate even for the time. So starting with 2004 era is probably a good idea.

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