Communities Brainstorm Challenge

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@guiltyparties started this challenge and I was brought here by @steevc.

Here's the rules:

  1. Write a post listing your top 3 improvement ideas for communities
  2. Tag 3 friends in your post who you want to challenge + copy these rules into your post
  3. Come back here and link your post in the comments


  1. Make sure that your ideas are clearly presented and easy to see in your post
  2. Don't include random memes or irrelevant graphics as they distract from your ideas
  3. You may write in any language you see fit; English is not mandatory (we can use Google translate to read)
  4. If you don't come back to post your link in comments, we can't find it

My Suggestions

Collaborative Moderation

I as a single moderator am plenty good enough at forgetting to moderate sometimes as University work takes over many hours of my day, that's why I've appointed others to help moderate. People who are active in my community with quality posts are generally my go to choice. I also usually don't go very deep into a user's history when moderating, although the time I did that I had a rather nice conversation with @hivewatchers about this, and they managed to show me this user's plagerism, so I could tackle it within the community. I think this is one of the most powerful things for communities, working together, as it allows you to maintain a much higher quality of posts.


It feels like running a community is quite an uphill battle sometimes. I've been fortunate enough to recieve some support from @ocdb to help me attract some more quality posts (with money), but I think we need to work on different incentives to make communities worthwhile for everyone. Not everything has to be 🤑🤑🤑. As well as that it would be nice to feature communities at random, as I remember programming before one fateful post was pretty much a ghost town half of the month, and then only had a few contributors, whereas after that switch flipped, we've gotten a pretty steady stream of posts coming in.

(Maybe) More Niche Communities

It feels like some of the communities become the default dumping grounds for new posts, making it a lot harder to find something you might like, I think this could work in tandem with the last sentances of the above, maybe even frontends could have different sub-communities (or even allowing tag filtering within larger communities would make this easier) but I feel it'd be nice to get posts spread out a lot more widely, and maybe your community doesn't exist yet? Well mine didn't either... but then I made it!

And the nominations go to

I nominate @rishi556, @sn0n and @immanuel94 who have all participated in my Programming community.


Right now I would say we don't need more nice communities. We need more people in the communities that we have right now before we think of making even more.

Right now I would say we don't need more nice communities

I like my communities nice 😂 but yeah that's a completely understandable point, I was more directing that to the communities that take everything ahem


Yea IDK what GEMS even is and why everyone posts there. I see communities like subreddits. Post in one and crosspost to others who might enjoy it.

Free upvotes from former bid bots that just want to make @freedom more stake.

I hope some of the communities can grow to get good activity. I have created a couple, but they are not very active. I ought to promote them more.


Care to share your communities?

Guitar has a few posts. I've not been doing anythigg with Home Automation.

I have to admit I messed up with guitar and don't have the key for it. Somehow copied the wrong thing, so I wonder whether to scrap it and start again.

Interesting, neither are particularly my forte, but I did manage to demote the owner of Community 100'000 to a guest, and hence no-one owns it lol. One problem of blockchain tech I guess...

If I were in your position, I'd probably scrap it, but it's your call.

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