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RE: The Minnow Power-up League - Week #33

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Finally in Level 3! Looks like @fullcoverbetting has taken a decidedly big lead, I like it! Nice to see I wasn’t the only one to move up a league this week!

If Steem hits 10 cents I’m telling you I’ll be flying up this ladder lol

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Let's hope it doesn't hit 10 cents. Please no! But if ... then I will also probably power up some more! I do expect some weeks upcoming with a relative small growth! So there is time for you to catch up!
To bad I just moved to L4. I will be waiting patiently on you there!
Keep on growing!

look at the good side, there is more steem per STU on payout :-)

Congrats on moving up too! Think we might be 2 of the only people hoping to see 10c

lol only because I bought only a few weeks back at 40 cent and have no fiat left

10 cents just sounds like a ridiculous price but I'm glad to hear people are ready with funds if it does go that low!

I'm in for 10k coins at that price, if not 25000.

I'm half wanting the dip to 10 cents to see this! :D


if steem hits 10 cent I think I will have to sell my husband to get fiat to buy more :-)