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“It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.”

Sigmund Freud

Value is an interesting concept I think and if you asked one hundred people to define it you'd probably get one hundred different responses. I feel confident that if one was to ask one hundred hive users what they saw as value when looking at other people's posts you'd almost certainly receive one hundred different answers as well. We're all different people and so it makes sense I think. It's our differences that keep us interesting right?

I'm no different when it comes to what I see as value and what I do not. Here on hive, considering I see a great deal of posts by many different people, I see both good and bad value, as far as my own tastes and impressions go anyway. Like most I'm attracted to the value and shy away from the other.

I'm not much of a follower in my real life; leader describes me better. I'm happy to forge my own path, to stand apart and stand up for what I believe and tend to shun the lemming-ethos, that is, following along blindly because it's easy, politically correct, cool, expected or for any other reason. I have a rather strong character and prefer freedom of choice when I decide to do, or not do, something.

I'm not much of a follower here on hive either to be honest; eighty two accounts is all I follow and whilst my follow-list has been higher I don't think I've ever followed more than one hundred or so. That doesn't mean I don't see other people's posts of course, indeed, it's because I'm all over the blockchain that I probably don't need to follow huge amounts of users.

Anyway, every now and then I add some new followers, and I certainly cull users who are not active or no longer provide the value to me they once did; that's not personal of course, just the way it is and it happens in return. Today I thought I'd highlight a few of the most recent accounts I've followed and urge y'all to take a look at them and see if you find value as I have.

@ultravioletmag - Sarah, from the UK, is my latest follow and I'll be honest and say I've never once engaged with her and don't really know all that much about her either. She doesn't post lengthy text-posts but her photography is easy on the eye and that's what attracted me to her post-feed. You'll see some really pleasing images and quite a lot of variety so take a look for yourself.

@nineclaws - Nine, from Canada, is a pretty cool cat. I've engaged with her quite frequently but wondered why I wasn't seeing any posts...It's because I wasn't following and so I rectified that. Nine likes the creative stuff and does some carving, photography, digital art and writes really well also. She has a great sense of humour and is a little twisted also - I think it's ok to say that last. I'm not sure where her tenth claw went, but I know where her post-feed is, and I urge you to check it out.

@dbphotography - Daniel hails from my own country of Australia. He's a single dad to a nine year old daughter and is a legit-great photographer. Again I don't know much about him as he hasn't interacted with me but his photography speaks for itself. He's new to hive and I found out about him from @intrepidphotos and anyone suggested by Robert has to be worth a look!

@edenmichelle - This singer and songwriter is out there forging her music career in the real world and indeed has a new release due for the 20th August called BAE. I came across her in my hive-travels and she seemed friendly so I stalked her engaged with her and we now interact a bit here and there. I've listened to her work on Spotify and YouTube and she's pretty damned good y'all. Do yourselves a favour and check her out.

@andrastia - Located in South Africa. This user hasn't posted much but when she does it's value in my estimation. Thoughtful, open and somewhat raw also I'd say. We've interacted a little as she entered a contest I ran a couple weeks ago and her post-feed is certainly worth a look. You'll find some photos, a bunch of thoughtful, often gritty, words through which her realness is transferred. Her recent piece, Tales from the fire-line is well-worth a read and will give you an insight into the person.

I think five is enough for one post as I'd rather people focus in on those I've mentioned and gain a good understanding of each; quality over quantity right?

I don't do posts like this often, I think the last was over a year ago, but I figure there may be some value in it. It's sort of like throwing pebbles into a pond to create ripples. They work their way outwards and if others did the same would meet to combine into a very rippled pond of people meeting people and that's what community is all about...People interacting and getting along together as part of something bigger than themselves.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Funny. I've been working a piece in this mind'0 mine right along the same subject where instead of talking about myself I talk about them.

You know what they say about great minds. Seriously. You know don't you? I hope so cuz I forgot.

Pebbles in the pond brah. Get those ripples reaching others, spread the mojo and we can generate some cross-mojonation as Austin Powers would say.

Something in my make-up compells me to seek to help others. It's a curse at times. 🙄

I'm gonna try really hard to work on it next. Not sure what it is anymore but for at least a year now I'm unable to execute one piece at a time. I never had more than three started in the notepad at once but I'd just focus on one until three turned to 4, 5, as I write this there's 14 in there. I don't understand why it's like this now.

But anywho.. I'm gonna try. Sooner or later it'll complete itself. Similar to what you've done here but I was considering going down the line of multiple facets... new, engagers, favorites, etc etc or something'ish.

I wanted to keep this post short and uncomplicated; focus on the other users. Sounds like yours is an epic. I'll look out for it.

Mind 'o mine 'ofields'omines that go BOOM

A few years ago I used to put out a “daily spotlight,” to highlight other “Steemians.” Maybe its time to resurrect that again. This post has sort of brought that to mind again.

A few have done it; I don't like to make it too much of a thing, just once in a while and after I've followed a few new people. I think if we each did it we'd get better value as so many people simple miss others...Nice to put them in front of people sometimes.

Always interesting to see solid Hive contributors out there.... thanks for the heads up - 3 newbies for me to check out and connect with.

You're reminding me to do some housecleaning of my Following list too. 😆

Follow-list housecleaning is a worthy endeavour; makes room for more suitable options.

I follow a lot of people but barely interact with 4-5 people's content.

I am sure if I find more people who share content of my taste, hive would be more fun for me. So, checked out all 4's profile, and loved it. They seem to share really good pics. So followed them all.

Will interact with them in their future posts🙂

Nice work Sir Looftee, nice work indeed.

Hey bro, interact more!

interact more!

Working on it😅

Lol...Just messing with ya. Do what you can, when you can and make each interaction as valid and valuable as possible.

That's what I follow. I think it's good for me to make 2-4 comment a day, on posts that I read, like and want to say something😅

It's a slow process, but I get to know people better. 5 -10 regular content creators would be enough for me, and then checking out random content sometimes.

Don't want to be completely absorbed here for the whole day😅 But yepp, write and share sometimes and maybe make a few long term connnections😎

Work within your limits and needs.

These posts are great. I remember showing up on one of them some time ago and getting boost on my views and votes. It is a great thing to add value to value. Quality over quantity if always a great way to go around here. I think I should start unfollowing all those accounts I know are not active around here because they migrated back to Steemit.

Get onto your follow list and cull the inactive or unworthy...It's liberating. Get ye some more valid people on that list and your follow-feed will light up and you'll thrive on hive.

I'm already cleaning this list to get more good stuff on my feed!

I made a verse, huh, funny. 🤣

Too late!


Lol. Hopefully you left me on the list.

Ha, ha, ha. Of course, G-dog. We have a band now, remember? 🤣

Oh yeah, that's right. Gonna be famous. 🤟

I don't even know how many people I follow; I find that I browse through the communities that I enjoy and enjoy that way. Some communities are more well browsed than others, and some I definitely need to give some TLC too. I think it shows the strength of some really fun content out there, though, that picking and choosing is a necessity.

Looks like 500.


The communities thing is a good point and is why I don't feel I need to follow hundreds of people - Going there is a nice place to browse specific content although I have noticed many don't follow the community guidelines and post randomly.

I wonder how many of those are actually active anymore, or how many I still interact with. I could probably whip up a python script that gathered that for me but, man, I'm tired of coding, and it's probably whimsical information at best, anyway. I'd rather have a coffee.

Have a coffee and do some culling; it feels good.

She has a great sense of humour and is a little twisted also - I think it's ok to say that last.

Totally okay, but I'll add in, more than a little twisted, so much more....😂

a very rippled pond of people meeting people and that's what community is all about...People interacting and getting along together as part of something bigger than themselves.

This is what inspired me to join Hive and what keeps me here. There's still so much for me to discover.

Thank you for mentioning me and your very accurate description. 😊
As to my missing claw, this may be of some help 😉
AMA reply and Full story


Ah ok now I know why it's only nine claws...I bet they can still do some damage though.

I just trimmed them short the other day, so they're growing back now. It's not fun typing with long claws. Damage, well, it depends on the situation.

Lol...Depends on the situation.

Situational...most of the time, I don't need to flex the claws. A look does it about 80 percent of the time.

Thanks for the mention @galenkp I hope that my little life stories can bring something to the Hive table one day and maybe even illicit a couple of laughs. Have a good day.

Most welcome indeed. Your posts are like little snippets of your life and whilst many are private or unique to you some should be shared with others; we all have them and will often relate...Although, putting a car in a ditch because you were looking at a bird? Hmm...I'd say unique to you! 😁

Yes I know, I think that it's the pure absurdity of it that makes it worthwhile, although I have a feeling that this kind of mishap might happen quite often in the birding community more often than we believe. There's a reason they invented bumper stickers that say "WARNING - I brake for birds".

I brake for birds.png

I'd sport that sticker on the back of my Landcruiser. On the front bull bar though...

I speed up for idiots!

Thanks for the suggestions, I will check I like to read the work of others and interrelate a little, greetings.

You're welcome. :)

I'll check them :) This is what we should all do every so often :)

I htink so too, helps to get the word out...Pebbles in the pond make ripples.

Yeah, like the butterfly effect