Friday Evening From The Porch....

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This evening after I logged off of my work computer, I played around on my own PC for a while, then I went to the kitchen and ate a slice of leftover pizza, then I got my fat-wheeled wagon and walked around the outside of my house to gather empty pots and fallen over spinners and anything else that didn't belong where it was.....and pulled my loaded wagon back to the carport where one day... ha ha.... I will resolve it all to wherever it really goes.

Afterwards I carried some bags of trash to the bins and came back to the porch. The sun was getting low in the sky, but it was still fairly warm, so I sat on my porch, enjoyed just being outside and watched the cars go by now and then.

front porch.jpg

I also watched the horses grazing lazily in the pasture across the street. I held my shutter down on my phone camera, causing it to take multiple photos really fast and then I told it to make an animation.... and it did. It's only a few seconds... but it was fun to do. There are two horses there, but one is in-between the two trees on the left and is not moving much.


I wasn't alone though, froggy was keeping me company and we were contemplating the world together.


I have three metal chimes around my front porch and they sound so lovely when there is a breeze. The dogwood behind has now shed all it's blossoms and they have blown away.


My sculpture ball in front of the porch has become friends with a "weed"... that is happily displaying tiny purple flowers on the tips. I liked that and took my reacher and tried to get another long strand of the "weed" to lean over towards the sculpture. I hope it grows up through it too.


It was really nice and I was enjoying all that I could see around me. I did another photo burst of the wind spinner as it turned very slowly for a moment. There wasn't much wind. The sun had began to set by then and a little chill was beginning to set in. My arms became slightly chilled and my feet noticed the concrete porch was beginning to feel cold. Time to go in.... boo hoo....


I came through the house and stepped out on the back porch to grab a quick photo of my jasmine vine at the corner of the deck. I didn't cut it back last year, just to see what it would do and happily, it is becoming green and perky. Can't wait till it blooms and fills the air with that beautiful jasmine perfume... mmmmmmmmmm


It's the beginning of the weekend, but alas, I have 4 hours of mandatory over-time tomorrow, so I am not quite done and won't get to have quite a whole weekend. I would tell you what I really think about that, but this post is just too nice to end it that way.....LOL !!!

Hope life is treating you well (and if it's not, that you are refusing to stand for it !!!)

Love you ! Mean it !




Make me an animation please, will do says the phone. They both turned out nice and smooth too.

This sounds like an easy breezy evening. I feel like the frog is in the same mindset but permanently. Here's a slice of !PIZZA for your other piece, I'm not sure if it arrives warm or not. I've heard the delivery system is prompt though haha

Have a great weekend despite those hours cutting into it 🙂

I love it when THINGS do as I say ! Alexa.. .the phone.... I nearly feel like the Queen !

I finally finished "those hours" for the day. It may rain in a little bit. If I follow through on my plan, after I finish here I will put on outdoor clothes...LOL... and go wack some of those weeds !

Tell Alexa to do it for you. I'm waiting for these these to sprout arms and legs to do this type of work haha

I'm waiting for THAT day myself !


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Yum ! Yum ! I love pizza ! Thanks !

Looks like a peaceful evening.

I think you did well on the .gifs

Thank you !

I've made some animations before, but they were out of individual photos that I had taken separately, one click at a time. These made a smoother motion, but there was a limited number it would take before stopping automatically.

It certainly was a peaceful evening. I was surprised, because it was rather cloudy most of the day, but became happily sunny in the evening.

Yay! 🤗
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