My Dogwood Snowed....

in #community2 months ago (edited)

Hello..... I was going to say Happy Monday, but then I hesitated. I suppose it is now that I am off work. 🙂

It started raining after dark last night. It has been raining light or heavy every since.

Poor dogwood tree, so beautiful but now the rain gave her a beat down. Try not to stare at her bloomin wardrobe malfunction, you might make her self conscious.


Just a couple of days ago I showed you her photo dressed in all her spring finery. That didn't last long though....

.....because...... rain..... what a shame....

dogwood from porch full blooms.jpg

So she snowed. I think it was like dogwood tears, now spread all over the ground.


and down the side of the house. Poor thing.


Ok, which one of you said it would be ok for it to rain all day.... fess up !

You can be sure that those lovely white azalea blooms will be a gross brown now in just a couple of days. There is already a hint of it there, you just can't see it from this far away.


Thankfully it is still warm and cozy inside and I am about to go on a raid of the kitchen to see what kind of yummy comfort food I can find.

Hope you have all been having a good day.... or evening depending on where you are.

Love you ! Mean it !



Snowy dogwood... beautiful flowers!
Dogwood "tears"... must be so pretty!
Good evening, @jacey.boldart !

It IS pretty, but I liked them better when they were stuck to the tree !

Good Evening !

That is why silk flowers were invented!

You really have abundant dogwoods! I have seen some of those here, but, not nearly the blooms that you have. I cannot believe that the rain took them all down like that! (the freaky frozen weather we had for three days weeks ago took out one of my cherry tree blossoms! Boo!)

My azaleas have not bloomed yet. Okay, one did, but, the rest are in the shaded area, so they are holdouts. I really love the colors of those bushes, they are such a happy note to spring.

It has been so beautiful to ride out and see the different trees in bloom.... and the colors of azaleas other than in my yard. Mom's purple azalea was behind the others, but it was trying to show out today.

They ARE such happy spring notes... for sure !

purple a.jpg

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Thank you ! 🌷

It's just not fair to have our spring blossoms ruined after we have waited so long for them!

I thought of you on Easter when I opened my new jar of Dukes to make deviled eggs! They were delicious.

MMMmmmmm.... Dukes !

I know ! It's not fair at all !