Spring Is Springing Forth....

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It's Wednesday and I took the day off.

Part of my job some days is answering customer service calls for the billing department of a very large company. On the second week of the month, the phone calls are so heavy that none of us get any time off the phone to do other tasks, which basically beats us to death. 😀 .... so, at the first of the year, I decided to take Wednesdays off every month on the second week as a mental health break.

There's nearly always a way.... you know?

So today I met a friend of mine for lunch and afterwards, when I was pulling in my driveway, I decided to take a photo of the house I live in, with the dogwood and azaleas blooming.


I had taken a photo of the dogwood tree from my porch this morning.

dogwood from porch.jpg

I also caught this photo of a "bird on a wire".... ha ha

bird on a wire.jpg

While on the porch I took a photo of the pink azaleas that grow down the front of my house. Near the porch here, the blooms are pretty full, but they are not all in full bloom down at the corner of the house.

azaleas across  the front from my steps.jpg

Coming back in, I took this one from the corner of the house and you can see many of the blooms are still buds.


There are a couple more at the end of the driveway on the other side of my house. My drive is a horseshoe drive that goes through my carport that is attached to the house.

out front horse.jpg

One white azalea is nearly all still just fat buds.


Three feet away (or less) another white azalea bush is in full bloom ! What ?? .. so close and yet so different. For the white ones though, you better look fast if you enjoy seeing them, because they are fickle, fickle, fickle and even if it doesn't freeze again, they do not like getting wet and the first rain will cause all the blooms to turn brown. When they turn brown, the don't fall off, so for weeks after they are a brown yucky looking bush.

I know they make great contrast when planted near other colors, but only for a moment. After that, their contrast consist of only brown and that does not look good with any other color.


All the shades of pink though, AWESOME ! I have seen some dark red and purple ones too that are very beautiful, but there aren't any of those in this yard.


I'm certainly enjoying the blooms that seem to be nearly everywhere right now. I am also enjoying that a lot of the hardwood trees are starting to look very green indeed with their new leaves popping out all over. YAY!!

This one has some freckles !


I hope you are all doing well.

Love you !



Your spring is so beautiful! I was thinking my florals were abundant, but, yours put mine to shame! LOL I love Azaleas! Your white ones are exceptionally beautiful right now, so I am glad you snapped a shot of them.

It is funny to me how much difference a foot or two makes. The tiny bit of sun makes all the difference in the world, but, it gives you nice stages of color. That is just perfect!

I am glad to see you take good care of yourself and take your time off when it is best appreciated! :) I hope the rest of your week is blooming wonderful! @alwaysaflower


I'm trying to enjoy the massive spring blooming as much as I can because of course it seems to be over all too fast.

It really is funny, especially those pink ones in front of my house. The sun comes up right in front of my house and there is nothing blocking the sun from the corner bushes more than the ones near the steps..... and yet.... still a difference in the timing of the blooms opening. I'm sure there is a valid explanation, but I can't imagine what that is !

We have less people doing the same job now than we use too, but the work load is not less. Add that to me aging and having a little less patience with the shenanigans of our customers and well..... it is sometimes just mentally exhausting. I know it will give me less days to take at the end of the year, which I have enjoyed for a long time, but for now, I do feel like it is the best thing I could do for me.

I hope the rest of your week is pleasant as well. 💛

Sometimes, we just have to work on this moment, you know? Customer service people should automatically have a sprinkling of mental health days. People have either become more demanding or bent over the other way to being way over-accommodating. I actually think because life is anything but normal, people are reacting to things they can control. Hopefully, these small respites will give you the will to power through the rest of the year with that snick smile pasted on.

It has been a trying year, to say the least!

That is crazy with the blooms being all different from one another. Perhaps they are fraternal twins. ;)

I hope you have a splendid Easter! Just finished coloring eggs!

I can't take the push like I use too, but then, the push is way harder than it use to be too. It didn't just start with covid though, it's been going on much longer than that. I don't think there is anywhere in my company where anyone is being over accommodated for the benefit of the employee. Positions were designed to account for every second and now that good employees are harder to find, the pressure is worse on some of the employees that are still there. I'm sure that is happening many places.

It was somewhat weird about the blooms, but then, Mother Nature seems to have been determined to be an unpredictable girl for some time now. She may be mad because all the things we humans are doing, are making her itchy.

Thank you ! I hope you have a happy Easter too. I didn't do any eggs this year. I did make Mom an Easter Basket though.

You are, hands down, the best daughter! ❤

Your pink azaleas are stunning! I have some sad purple ones but they always seem to struggle.

Thank you !.... and pretty much no thanks to me. My Aunt and Uncle planted them here years ago. Gotta luv it !

I think the azaleas kind of like to be a bit protected somehow. My Mom planted hers in the edge of the woods at the back of her yard and they always do well just inside the edge of the tree line.

I couldn't get enough of those azaleas. Such beauties!

I haven't seen dogwood. If only that will grow here, I want that in our yard too :D

The azaleas are quite lovely in the spring, but after, even though they are a nice green bush, they don't do anything else special....LOL For now, it is their time to shine !

The dogwoods are nice too and come in white (of course), pink and red. They grow easily here too. I'm not sure where all they would grow nicely though. It is always worth a little research.

Thanks for stopping over !

Dogwoodscome in pink and red as well? Now all the more interesting :D :D

You've locked up this post with the…

Dare I say the most spring looking post I've seen yet? I think so.

The pink azaleas are looking gorgeous. Red plus white equals pink according the mixing of colors and maybe the reds are hiding somewhere else 😀

Luckily you have the proof of blooms and can pull them up on a moment's notice. Brown blooms or droops sound more like it. This weather is so unpredictable, I'm a little curious to see how yucky they become.

Here's a post title idea. "The aftermath, pretty in pink to yucky in brown."

Have a good one and along with those blooms.

Even more of the blooms have opened now, so they are all very bloomfull.

It is pretty springy around these parts, that is for sure.

I will try to remember to take a photo when the white ones at the end of the drive turn. It rained a little before noon here, not sure if that will be enough to do it or not. Usually it takes a couple of days for them to become pouty brown.

With the reds, whites and pinks, plus other flowering trees like the redbuds, it is happily colorful in many places as if Mother Nature dressed herself up for Easter !

The dogwood tree reminds me of a cherry blossom tree. Lovely colourful garden you have there Jacey. 👍

Thank you ! All of these bushes and trees were planted here before I got here, but I don't mind enjoying them all the same !