There Was A Surprise On My Porch Today

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Hi Again !

This afternoon on my last work break, I found an email from my sister Vicky that said there was a surprise on my back porch. I didn't even read the rest of the email, I just went straight out to get it.

(My sister Jan gave me this magnet many years back. I thought it was more her than me ha ha, but it was funny and I love it)

20220729_173758 better.jpg

It was in front of the door, but short enough that the bottom of the door went right over it.


As I carried it in and was reading the little cyclinder shaped box I thought "how did she know I was sensitive to bandaid adhesive ??"


It was too light, like it was empty, so I decided to open it pointing away from my face, in case some springy snakes or something were going to pop out. ha ha


Instead, I found this lottery ticket that I am just sure will be the winner. The jackpot is up to 1.1 BILLION...... that's right, I'm going to be filthy rich ! 🤣 I emailed her back and thanked her for the very fun and thoughtful gift. She knows I am not extremely happy about the fact that I am still working and having mandatory OT all the time. That's right, I don't like it. LOL !! So she is trying to help out. I told her I couldn't wait till I got all my money so I could tell the company I work for to STUFFIT!!!


She told me a month or so ago that next time she bought a ticket she was going to buy me one too and here it is. She told me back then not to get too excited about it, because her numbers were usually never even close ! ha ha...

Hey .. .I can dream until they draw the numbers, right???

That's my excitement for today. It doesn't take much.

Hope you have all been having a good day or evening .... or whatever it is wherever you are.

It's the weekend ! Yay !!

Love you ! ❤️



I am jealous alright. No matter what, you are a ticket ahead of me lol. You have a chance to win it and I dont! Well I do like that feeling of just maybe I could win. So each week I buy 1 ticket for 1 bucks for our state lotto. Fifty bucks a year to be able to dream that just worth it to me 😃

This one cost a whole $2 !

Well... that dream is a goner. Not one single number matched. My sister must have given me the wrong ticket! I hope hers or Mom's was a winner.

...or @dswigle .... who has promised me a cool million if she wins.

Well if you get the cool million, maybe you could throw the old man a bone? 😀

I'd be throwing around lots of bones if I had a Mil.... cause you know, if you have good fortune, you must pass some of it along.

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Thank you ! 💚

I wish you luck !!! I think I might have the winning ticket. I think it is up to 1.29! I just know it is one of us or @tattoodjay !! If I win, I promise you a cool million so you can quit that stinky job!

Girl Scouts honor.

Oh Thank You !.... That would be like winning the lottery to me !

I would quit just as fast with a million as I would with a billion....😂

You could then earn your "share your lottery winnings" patch for your girl scout uniform.

You know how I long for one of those!

BTW If you win the whole billion (as opposed to 40 people winning) and take the payout, with the 37% bracket you would be in, less you state taxes, plus, plus, plus... you still get half about 539 MILLION! I am okay with that too!

Woo-hoo... Okay, two million! That is a lot of loot!

Lol. I was totally thinking springy snakes!!

Here's hoping your luck is in!!

Much better than springy snakes !

Thank you ! It wouldn't take nearly 1.1 billion to make me dance a jig !

I am the same, it would be much less for me to be leaping about and still be over the moon!

Now it’s over 1.25 billion and I wish you all the best but I think I have the winning ticket

Probably as does your sister and everyone else who has a ticket

But that said good luck

She bought my Mom one too..... ha

I rarely buy one myself, maybe twice a year on a whim when I am out and about and just come across them. I guess I haven't bought one since covid started either. I would be SO amazingly surprised if I won any big money of any kind. Happily surprised, but surprised all the same.

THank you !

You and me both I seldom buy tickets either but when it’s this big I had to buy a ticket
I consider it money thrown away but would be a real nice surprise if it was to win lol

It's made me laugh before when I have heard other folks say they didn't buy a ticket because it was only a million or two and I thought, maybe that is when I should play it, since there would be less people wanting it. I could live with that !

I just said the same to my wife I would be happy with $10,000 anything more even happier lol

I certainly wouldn't turn any amount down and would be grateful no matter, but a life changing amount would be fun.

Me either, I just saw something pop up there was one winner in Illinois, good luck to them and I hope they are sensible with it

LOL, I'll hold all my toes and thumbs for you Jacey. I try playing our Lotto here when I remember, but no luck so far😭
I'm sure the best part would be telling your company exactly what to do with their job!🤣

Well... they drew the numbers last night and as normal, not one number matched ! I guess it just wasn't my turn ha ha, but it did make for some fun wonderings about what I would really do if I ever won a lot of money.

Guess I'll be clocking into my work station Monday morning just like usual.


What a thoughtful gift in multiple ways. I wasn't aware folks were sensitive to band-aids but this makes total sense. They stick like nothing else and sometimes feel like they're ripping your skin off. I really have no clue as to the adhesive they use in them.

Hopefully you're not in need of them too often either.

I see the taxman calculations were already done in the comments. Not too shabby but still 😀

With all the winnings there might be more painting and more hive posts in the future among a BILLION other things or was that only 500 MILLION things !LOL

I thought it was a thoughtful gift too. What if you actually did that and someone actually won ?! That would be some kind of story !

I don't need bandaids much... thankfully. At first I didn't know if it was the adhesive exactly or a lot of them are made of latex, so there could be that. I do buy the non latex ones, but sometimes I just use gauze and the white medical tape instead if I need it more that a very little while.

Yep... the taxes ! What a jip ! LOL.....

For sure there should be something more interesting to HIVE about with all that money. Probably about how people are coming out of the woodwork trying to get you to give them some of it. ha

I wouldn't buy anything with Velcro
It's a total rip-off.

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