Bringing the GIF bot back to HIVE

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Via Tenor

Hey there, I am bringing the GIF bot back to the HIVE blockchain!

I was just wondering what happened to the good old GIF bot and had to realize that it didn't exist anymore.

Via Tenor

I know PeakD recently integrated GIFs right into their interface, but I do prefer the simplicity of bots sometimes. Just type the command and a random GIF is chosen without having to scroll through and choose one. Additionally it will work no matter what interface you are accessing the HIVE blockchain with.

The bot scans all comments for the keywords !gif, !gifs or !giphy and replies with a randomly chosen GIF retrieved from Tenor. The content filter of the API is set to high, which means that only appropriate GIFs will be posted by the bot.

So for using the bot simply reply to a post by typing one of the keywords followed by a search term:

!gif hive is awesome
!gif fantastic

And wait for @hivegifbot to reply to your comment. Additionally the bot will randomly upvote the posts you comment.

Please consider delegating some HP to @hivegifbot to keep the service up and running: 10HP, 20HP, 50HP, 100HP, 200HP

Like what I am doing? Please consider voting for me as a witness. To do so visit, find my name @primersion towards the bottom of the list and vote or use Hivesigner to vote for me.


!gif awesome

!gif it works