Producing my first block & finally more snow is coming

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I have created my witness on wednesday evening and yesterday evening I produced my first block:


Which means that I produced my first block after about 3 days. I was not expecting to sign my first block that fast, but thanks to your great support I already managed to get up to position 150. I am even showing up on the official HIVE witness page now (only 2nd from the bottom, but still :D).
I am only showing up on the official witness page now, because of the recent work @quochuy has put in, thanks for that. Before, only 100 witnesses have shown up on the page. After the update now witnesses from 100-200 are showing up, if they have been active recently. If you want to know more check out the detailed post here:

It will be a long time for me to break even (or maybe I will never reach that point), but I knew that when deciding to become a witness and making profit was definitely not the reason for me to become a witness. Let's see were my journey as a witness goes and what I can manage to achieve with it.

Anyways I was just checking the weather forecast for this week and it looks like we are finally getting some more snow here in Tyrol:


I hope it stays this way (or snows more even), because I finally want to do some real skitouring this season. I love to live so close to the mountains, especially in current times..

Thanks again, for everyone who supported my journey as a witness so far! :)

If you have missed my recent witness announcement you may check if out at Becoming a Witness or Ich werde zum Witness.

To vote for me as a witness visit, find my name towards the bottom of the list and vote for me or use Hivesigner to vote for me.


Congrats on your first block.

Your post makes me want to ski! Although I'm still enjoying sunbaking in the sunny 23C Tel Aviv winter.

I also wanted to draw you attention to the fact that it is possible to run a full Hive API node on a fairly basic machine (4/8 Core modern CPU 64Gb RAM and 2Tb NVME)

I'm planning to upgrade my witness node to an API Node soon and run another machine as primary witness.
You may also be interested in doing so.

Baking in the sun sounds great too, would also love to do that right now ;)

Thanks for the hint, I thought about that, but I guess I need to upgrade my server first. Right now I am running an AMD Hexa-Core, 64GB of RAM and 1TB NVMe SSD, so i think this is a little bit tight for running a full node. It should be possible however if I upgrade the server to 128GB and add a 1 TB SSD, or what do you think?

According to @blocktrades 64Gb is sufficient.
You just need to stick in another 1Tb NVME for around $100.

The API node needs to be publically facing while the witness needs to be private. This can be managed by having the API Node private but with a very light public facing server (on another IP address) running jussi and forwarding the API calls to the private API node.

@techcoderx has implemented this.

That doesn't sound too bad. I guess adding another SSD should be no problem. I will check out how @techcoderx has implemented it and maybe I can find some time to upgrade my node in the next weeks!

Congratulations and good luck.

Thanks, already produced another one :)