KapengBarako's SBI Lotto Contest #8

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Hi everyone, here is the result of the lotto draw in this round.
Bonus Ball: 38
Power Ball: 03

The details for the next contest (#8) are shown below.

Since we do not have any winner from last contest, we rolled over the prize for BONUS BALL and POWER BALL.

Draw date: 11 September 2019
Bonus Ball Prize*: 16 SBI units
Power Ball Prize*: 8 SBI units
*Prices will be awarded as SBI sponsorship, with me as your sponsor.

**Winning BONUS BALL and POWER BALL numbers will be based on the New Zealand Wednesday lotto draw results, unless otherwise specified.

How to join:

  • Choose a number between 1 and 40.
  • Check the previous comments if your preferred numbers have already been chosen, if yes, choose a different number.
  • Reply to this post with your chosen number and your Steem ID
  • A user can only vote once. Any user who voted more than once will be disqualified from the contest (even if he/she picks the winning number on his first reply)
  • If a player edits his/her number after I already entered them into the table of entries (see table at the end of this post), the official entry is the number I first entered
  • Voting will closes on Tuesday, a day before the draw, at 5pm New Zealand time

*While it is not required, upvoting and/or resteeming this post will be highly appreciated.



Good luck everyone!

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