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RE: Is Nexium a MKULTRA Brownstone Operation - Part 2

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Some interesting thoughts here. I'm under a similar impression as you put out in the beginning, MKultra / Mockingbird type special access programs are developed and used by the same group(s) involved with the pedo cult stuff.

Likely centuries old and spanning continents and empires. Jan Irvin did some very interesting work on Scaliger and the fake history we've been force fed concealing everything over several hundred years before the present. A bit like the original operation Mockingbird back when there were only books & letters available to spread propaganda.

You also suggest the NXIVM / MKultra / Mockingbird group may have possibly been behind the DNC / Podesta / HRC email exposure. This threw me off a bit, could you elaborate on what that would imply or why that would have happened?


First HRC emails came from Judicial Watch FOIA to State Department. Then, Podesta gets hacked in phishing attack. DNC runs Guccifer 2.0 scam in response, and possibly takes out Seth Rich as a warning. Podesta phished emails leak via WikiLeaks.

These guys (Nexium) were also using phishing attacks and Roger Stone was consulting to Nexium, trump (fired) and in communication with Guccifer and WikiLeaks. The Nexus of Nexium, if you like.

It’s not enough evidence to build a case with but it’s certainly an intriguing connection that bears further investigation.

Also I have suspected for a while that the George Webb and Jason Goodman LARPs were to throw down disinfo cover for pizzagate. My suspicions have been confirmed by Georges publicly stated friendship for Alefantis and his many comments on sex trafficking operations he has been involved in. He seems to be another one of these sexual predators, as does Goodman. Some common footprints that we are now seeing all around the Clinton cabal. We know for a fact there was child porn on comets servers and the DC police and FBI covered it up. There has still been ZERO investigation of the Podesta emails. Maybe if the public taste blood from a few pedo rat lines being exposed in upstate New York and the Vatican, they won’t care so much about the Podesta/Alefantis/Rothschild connection. The FAPE Foundation for Art And Preservation in Embassies seems like a state-sponsored rat line. These need to be shut down just as much as the bondage cults do.