Escaping the Matrix - Practical Steps, Ways to Exit the System

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In this most recent video of mine (below) I talk about some of the practical steps people can take towards independence and self sustainability, off grid options, ways to get out of matrix system and work towards building a better future for our planet and ourselves.

So many people are waking up and looking for solutions to the problems facing us, yet at the same time feeling trapped by and in the very system responsible for creating and perpetuating all of these problems. Having left a ‘normal’ life in society for the off-grid camping lifestyle as my own first major step towards total freedom from the system, and now 18 months into this journey, I decided to share some of the knowledge I have gained and lessons I have learned along this journey, both from off grid camping and living for a month at a commune, hoping my personal experience and stories from others on similar paths will be helpful and inspiring to those looking to do more to become the change they want to see in the world.

I especially focus on the ultimate importance lying in the freeing of our minds, shifting our perspectives to align with our dreams, living fully in the present moment, and connecting to/relying upon our inner guidance/power when it comes to choosing a personal plan of action. A number of simple steps towards independence and creating meaningful positive change anyone can take long before they are able to fully exit the system are covered.

Video is 1 hr, 11 min.:

Links, references below:

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Lots of great resources! Great to see you pulling the focus onto solutions!

We can only look so long at fear in the eye before we become disillusioned - part of waking up is actively creating the new and encouraging individual responsibility.

We must re-emphasize why we are alive and what we are really fighting for, building towards.

Keep writing,


You bet, I’m gonna keep focusing a lot more on solutions because we’ve reached a point if we don’t all begin to ACT to stop the madness in every way possible, we’ll run out of time. I’ve been in this truth/freedom ‘movement’ long enough to see what does and doesn’t ‘work’ to slow/stop the establishment machine. Politics, complaining, even exposing the lies with verifiable, documented research doesn’t work, or only does so much. Clearly we have reached a point where enough people are awake and ready for a new world based on freedom and love rather than power and profit for the elite few.

It is in my opinion time for all of us to begin switching gears from exposing the establishment agenda and on trying to wake up those around us to actively working together to create alternatives while we are still relatively free to do so. If we think the tyranny is bad now, just wait and see what it will be like in a decade if we don’t take radical steps to change course! Lots of others are feeling the same sense of urgency, I’ll continue to expose the shit, but trying to focus more energy now on practical solutions than on exposing the problems. Keep up the good work, and together we CAN beat this tyrannical beast. All they have is their lies keeping people in fear, we still have humanity and fires of freedom burning in our hearts, and that is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

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