Conspiracy THEORIES Turned Conspiracy FACTS that Change Everything (2018) | reallygraceful

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In this video, I cover the "conspiracy theories" that turned into conspiracy facts in 2018. What do you think 2019 will reveal?


Thanks for this @reallygraceful, great video! ReSteemed... You missed chemtrails though :) That was one of my favorite conspiracy theory to fact of 2018. Also appreciate the positive note you ended the video on, I agree that humanity has the capability for great change and propensity for justice, the masses are just so blinded by the system of fear, hatred & deception. True world peace & freedom of humanity really is very close & within grasp, let's make it a reality for 2019:

I predict the MSM will continue to implode throughout 2019, beyond that let's hope even more truth is uncovered & revealed & that love will prevail! Together all the independent voices are slowly bringing the whole rotten system down. Keep up the good work for truth & happy New Year.

very good video. nice research, video editing and pics.
love your style and personality. comes thru your narration.
nice work!

Love your work! Thank you!

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Your videos are always on point @reallygraceful, thanks for posting!

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