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Construction - clean room ready for plumbers crop August 2021.jpg

On Monday the carpenter had asked his helper to come in to get several small jobs done while the carpenter was grouting the laundry room floor. The first was to clean out and move everything in the clean room out of the way for the plumbers. The sheetrock had to be taken off the wall too, but it was only held on with 4 screws.

I again have the old island in the kitchen, at the end of the new island, making the kitchen much smaller again. I hope the plumbers come soon!

Construction - sink out of Tonka garage crop August 2021.jpg

They got the heavy sink out of the Tonka garage and by the back door. There was no room for it inside.

They took a bunch of stuff to the barn, checked out the tree on the roof, and brought the pressure washer back.

(Side note: I will have to file a claim on my insurance for the tree, as it’s considered “an act of God” and it’s my barn that’s insured, not the tree.)

Then the helper started getting the rest of the firewood in the shed and he cleaned up the small stuff that had accumulated in front of the shed. The next load is due on Tuesday.

Construction - laundry floor 2-3 done crop August 2021.jpg

The carpenter grouted the floor until he ran out. The second bag will be in on Wednesday, but enough is done so the plumbers can work. He needs to install a dryer vent and we need to move the washer and dryer downstairs. Once they are in place he can fasten the utility sink to the floor.

The electrician got the front porch light up, tried to work in the attic (too hot), and did some other small jobs. He will be back on Tuesday to do more work, especially on the outside.

I’m sure the carpenter told me what we would be doing on Tuesday, but I’ve forgotten.


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