Positive Phases: Commentators Contest - Win a month long 1000 Steem Power delegation

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A contest to win a 1000 Steem Power delegation for one month to the account (or multiple accounts) of your choice - Were you positive in the comment boxes during September 2018?

The bars are back, and this time I've added a prize! 500 Steem Power will go to the account who scores the most 'hits' on the following short phrases:

  • I love this
  • very kind
  • much appreciated
  • thank you so much
  • fantastic
  • well done
  • thank you very much
  • i love
  • you are very kind
  • steem on!
  • I applaud you
  • you rock
  • excellent!
  • i am very happy
  • this is awesome
  • my pleasure
  • you are welcome
  • congratulations
  • a lovely
  • great!

I chose the first 20 short positive phrases I could think of. Apologies if you are super positive, but just say so in a different way.

The data is gathered from September 2018, a reasonably tricky month to navigate over all - but who was positive despite this month being a fairly tough one?

This is what your chart will look like - hopefully you can beat my score of 88 and win a Steem Power delegation.

I will produce the bar charts this week, and give the prize out on the day the post pays out. If there is a tie, each winner will get 1000 SP!

Good luck everyone!


Witness: @steemcommunity


uh, count me in boss o/

i feel i've got some positivity in me to spread around \o/

You certainly do!


Yay!!! I love this, Let's see how my chart looks like :DD Please :)) Asher, you're the best! I was thinking the other day that those "tasty" pies are long gone :D

And you will need a calculator here I think!


What? I can't believe my eyes!!! Holy something! :D OMG!
Thank you Asher, and I'm not saying this to boost my score :D Holy heaven, I still can't believe it! :D

HolyMoly, Erikah! I would love to see you win this! It would be so well deserved, but even without a win, it is a fantastic score! Congratulations!

Hello my friends,ho are you

Thank you Melinda! :) We'll see what happens, in any case, I could help a lot of people with this delegation, that's for sure!

Yes you could! And it would give a huge boost to your account as well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Thank you, you're very kind, as always 😘

Well @melinda010100, I'm not in the lead any more ;)

The scores are tallied from September and so no-one can boost their score :D

I think you are in the lead!

I know that :) I was paying attention :P
Sooo, howdy janton is behind me, hmmm ... :D

Positivity was sorely needed in September. Let the fun begin! I'm sure one of the top commenters in the EL will win. I'm on the bottom of that list (if lucky) but it would be fun to see my bar chart. Thanks Asher!

They will have an advantage based on pure text along, but maybe someone can spring a surprise!

This doesn't seem right?!

Oh how funny! I like to say "thanks for", "congrats" often; not popular keywords. :)

Thanks for this chart! ;)

Same with the 'thanks' and 'cheers' - I was trying for super polite and positive :)

Thank you very much. I love this. This is awesome. :D

When I'm reading this, I actually realize how often I say "thank you very much"... I might need to come up with something different instead. lol

Let's see just how many.

Shit, found an error in the code after wondering why you had 0 for 'thank you very much'. I'm going to have to do all these charts again after work!

EDIT: Error removed for all charts. Cheers!

I voted your content because you are on my whitelist.

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Witness: @castellano

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I comment a bit and try to keep it fairly positive but i don't think that i use any of those phrases and definitely no exclamation points so i don't think that i can feature here. I did have a busy September so i'll guess maybe 50 matches just by chance.

Might as well tell a look, you never know :)

Well I fairly know but your post has made me curious. I'm nosy at the best of times but when there are graphs. ......even better.

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Dude! You're a maniac!
I honestly can't think of anyone who encourages commenting and engagement more than you. Steemit should hire you and TaskMaster as their cheerleaders, seriously.

I haven't been commenting on this account much... so my bar will be non-existent, but I just wanted to tell you that I love this and you're excellent and fantastic and great!

Seriously, Asher should be the community relations person, and Task should be the PR department. Like, one for those already here, and one to attract new people. Pay these guys, @ned!

<3 Thank you both for the lovely words!


Thanks man, that's very kind of you to say so!

So, are we commenting to ask for a bar chart, and find out who wins in a week? Okay, yes, I've read all the comments now. Thank you! ^_^

Correct :) And what you said in September in comments is what I'm scoring, let's see...

I loooooooove this. Lol!

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haha :D

No-one can cheat, unless they have a tiiiiiiiiiiime machine :D

I am sure a lot of us could use 500 sp. You know I always love to see these little charts at any rate.
No matter who ends up with the sp this is very nice of you to do.

Cheers! Changed it to 1000 SP half way through the post and forgot to make an update in places!

posts that are very understandable and quality friends, I really like your posts friends, hopefully you are always successful

Aw just give it to @Janton already. Once he sees this, it's all over for the rest of us...lol

Do you think he'll win? But 'howdy' is not in the list?!

I'm hoping whoever does win shares the prize with someone :D

And where is the "nice post"? :D

I definitely would but I'm not sure I can beat "howdy janton".

Hey we still have a shot! I didn't see howdy on the list :)

hahahaha I just typed the same thing before I saw this :)

I knew I liked you for a reason :)

not unless Asher includes "howdy" in it :)

Wow let the charts and analysis for 500sp begin

Lets goo! :D

"I love this" and more from above seem to be good spam phrases. I think I need to guess a phrase and spam it around throughout this month. Who knows? It might be I included in next month's post. But but but Resource Credit will not permit me, damn!

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Next month? How about last month? :D

I wasn't prepared because I'm just getting to know about this giveaway from this post.

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This is a nice and funny initiative. I'm really curious to see where I am in the chart. Usually I'm very nice and polite. 😂
Thank you, Asher. 🙂

This should put you in good stead then, let's see!

Am I allowed to join this one 😊 I love that bar but I already have enough SP delegation from you and @yabapmatt. I really want to see my bar though.. Thank you so much

Everyone is welcome!

I can't beat you 😂😂😂 I'm out!

That's an interesting one @abh12345. Do we need to ask for this or just comment here? 😊

I'll be missing three days worth though as I was away. 😢

I'm pretty sure these will be 0:

steem on!
I applaud you
you rock
this is awesome


You should know the drill by now - I forget to state many rules and comments get a chart :D

Fantastic! I just wanted to check @abh12345. The rules are always changing around here but I love this. 😂

Thank you so much for the chart. It's very much appreciated.

I love all you do here. Well done for producing another great! opportunity for us all.

You are very kind, so very kind. I applaud you.

I am very happy that my score is 174 but a little sad that it will not be my pleasure to pass the win onto someone else. That would have been a lovely thing to do.

Never mind this is awesome (cringe, cringe) anyway. Simply excellent!

You are welcome to give the prize to someone else, not that I have any choice, but I offer them my congratulations.

You rock Asher.

Steem on!

😂 😂 😂


20 new phrases coming next month but thank you Gillian!

Please do not include "howdy" @abh12345 unless you want to start a revolt! 😂

Ok, how about 'sir'? Would that work for you? 😁

Definitely not and neither would 'lady'!!! 😱

@gillianpearce WTG!!! this post alone rocks. I got a very nice giggle from it.

Glad you enjoyed it @tyskele! 😁

howdy sir Asher! ha! what a brilliant concept and to run this for September should tell a lot. I wasn't as positive because of the questions I have about the new system and it's effect on new and small accounts but I applaud you for this very generous contest, it's excellent!

Well I hope you've got a calculator handy!

howdy sir Asher! I heard that Erikah won this which is wonderful! I'm so happy for her.
Hey, when this new rc system started I didn't have enough rc to continue commenting so I leased some but the person who told me about leasing said that when she leased sp it disqualified from the Engagement League in some way?
Is leasing sp against the rules? If so I should be disqualified. lol. at least for a month because that's how long the lease is for.

Not to worry @janton, the rules about leasing and delegating apply to the curation league, not the engagement league. So you should be fine, unless you were also looking to track your curation earnings also.

howdy today bashadow! thank you so much for the explanation! No, I don't even know how the curation league works so that's fine. you're almost to rep 60, great job!

Yep, a slow grow, but a few people are helping me along the way.

well bashadow it's great to see. I hear people say that your growth accelerates when you hit rep 60 but I don't know if that's true or not.

I don't either @janton, but I am tracking my progress now, on 9/16 I was 59.01 rep, today 59.486. So maybe another month.
Native SP was 738.586 today is 784.378 an increase of 45.792. But there was a couple of curies in there. If you look at the 14 months I have been here on an average that is a little bit of a slow down SP earnings wise. 56 SP is what the avg is 784/14=56. So we will see. I think it mostly has to do with the price.

Howdy @janton! Am I allowed to even say that if I'm not from Texas? 😁
Ok, joke aside, rep 60 is a milestone for everyone, that's for sure. People tend to appreciate that and look at you in a different way. But that doesn't mean your SP is going to grow faster.
Some people have reached this milestone using bots, while others by working hard, posting quality posts, engaging and making friends.
You can grow your SP faster by posting good content, engaging and so on. Reputation is just a number.

Sorry to disappoint you @janton, I didn't win anything, the winner will be announced after this post pays out. 🙂

hahaha! howdy again erikah! oh wow, someone told me that you won this. Ok well sorry, you'll probably win it. I guess I need to double check these things, thanks for letting me know!

My pleasure! :)

Hi @janton, I see @bashadow correctly answered you :)

howdy sir Asher, yes sir bashadow was great and gave me a very expert and knowledgeable answer but thanks so much for getting back with me!

If "howdy" would be included, we would have a clear winner, lol!

Great idea Asher! I can't wait to see my chart!

haha :D

You are going to need a calculator also!

Holy cow, I think you beat janton... I can add that in my head...

I did :D But erikah is leading :)

It's looks like she is going to take it. Last month was pitiful for me all around, but I got a bunch of real work accomplished.

Ooh! I wanna see mine! What a fun contest. I love it! ☺

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Thank you! Sorry but I guess you find other phrases to be positive :)

"Steem on " is my favourites..you will find it in my post footer and also on many comments especially to new joinee...keeping my finger crossed...

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That's what I like to hear! Sadly for you, only comment text is counted. Let's see...

No worry in september thanks to #bananaprogram i did welcome many new joinee...and i mostly use this phrase in every welcome comments 😉

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Whatever happened with good old "wow, cool, agree, love it, awesome, funny, scary, welcome and interesting"

Sorry dude!

'wow, you suck'

'agree to disagree'

'your face is scary'

This would all appear using your list, but I take your point!

Wow thanks for the amazing contest :D
(I was kind of sad that in your 20 phrases there wasn't a single one with "amazing", because I use that alot.)

I have done alot of positive comments, I hope my chart looks amazing :D

I tried to do a short phrase which wouldn't end up negative. e.g. 'it is amazing how ignorant people are'. I could have used 'this is amazing' though :)

Yeah, I see what you mean

All charts except for @hitmeasap's are incorrect - I have to work now so I'll fix them all later, sorry!

EDIT: All charts updated!

Will you be able to fix it today?

Depends when you day ends, mine has just ended but I'm still working so it's likely to be in the morning - sorry!

I'm one hour ahead of you (Romania). Sleep well, you're probably sleeping now :)
See you in the morning, which I suppose will be a busy one for you, you have to do the league too :)

Yes, the league will have to wait until I finish the morning shift at work - still time to add to your score!

Ok, I'll do my best, thanks for the info and have a nice day 😊

The moment of truth hahaha
I know a kind word always make me feel good, I hope I have done the same for those I have interacted with :)

All will be revealed!

Thank you so much @abh12345
Not too bad and I know what I can do more of
This is cool... or should I say fantastic :D

Can I know my bars??? Even if I think that I do not have great numbers, because a lot of my replies are in Italiano language.
Good job, Asher!

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Yes you certainly can! Sorry, I only total for English!

That's very interesting, @abh12345 . Great idea to show these funny pictures :). I'd like to see my results, too. Thank you for this opportunity :)

Here you go @madlenfox :D

Ok hit me with the short line possitivities pie.
Not sure if I need to go and comment 88 times Thank you so much OR very kind....

Here you go!

The scores are taken from September - no-one can cheat! :D

I LOVE well Thats a Nice one and 49 time i have alot a love to give

Neat contest with a interesting and different concept! I would be interested in seeing my chart please. :)

Thank you, here you are:

Yay for positivity and moving forward together. 💞 Love this! 😊

Thank you! Let's see what you have...

You missed:
Good job with this post
Great job with this post

I will stop saying them now :)

I guess I'll have to come up with 20 new ones next time!

Haha! You need to make a post and ask for suggestions. Give sbi for prizes or something. You will have a hit!

I am very thankful, btw :)

I hope I get this right Asher, you mean the account who produce a lot of these phrases will walk away with the prize? Taking the month of September 2018 into consideration...

Yes that's right. I'm looking at September so no-one can quickly make 500 comments with these phrases :)

Did any show up on my blog? I've been really off commenting in the last three months. Let's see what my chart looks like.

Seems you have other ways to show positivity :)

What there was no ''thank you very much''? :-)
I use that one a lot along with thank you so much.
It is really awesome all the lovely bars and pies 📊
you create @abh12345! They are so cool you rule!!
Thank you for all you do! ❤

Thank you buddy! 'Thank you very much' is there :)

Let's take a look...

Many awesome thank you's!
I love it! Tho between forks and spoons
I didn't say as many in September :-))

Positively would like to see a bar graph. Even though sometimes I can be negative.

Maybe a negative chart will come in future? :O

Kind of about what I expected. I try to have and leave positive comments, I guess I just do not use to many of the key word phrases. Still it is better than what I thought it would be. 29, at least it was easy to add up. ;-}

Thankyou please that was amazing so good ;P

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Hey, @abh12345.

Positive in September? Hah. This isn't going to turn out very well. :)

Well, if you're still pulling these charts, please go ahead and pull mine. I'm not expecting much, so this will either confirm what I think happened or it will be a pleasant surprise. Win-win either way. :)

It's turned of pretty well for some :)

Oh, I'm sure it did. :) The first half of September isn't on the hard fork or any other perceived negativity that may or may not have been generated by being on STEEM. The first half is just life getting in the way of production. So, fewer comments and posts lead to fewer positive phrases, even if I may be expressing them in a different way.

The same would go for days during the hard fork implementation where numbers were down. So, anyway, September wasn't spectacular for attaboy's or attagirls. :)

Still, it's good to know where I stand, and it's definitely something I can be more conscious of. :)

Why do you think this isn't going to turn out well? HF20 problems only lasted one week or so, maybe less.

Hey, @erikah.

In my case, it's not only about the hard fork, though, that didn't help my positivity when I was actually on Steemit. It might seem like I was alluding to the hard fork, but the negativity generated by it didn't really take hold until the latter part of the month, anyway.

My wife had surgery the third week of August, and so I was helping her while she recuperated. Therefore, I wasn't on STEEM as much as I might, so fewer comments means fewer opportunities to be positive. :)

Not that the hard fork aided in anyway once I came back to my regular schedule.

As for the HF 20 problems, they're still ongoing for quite a few people, and I think they will continue to be an issue for new accounts. We have a reprieve right now thanks to the 10 x booster implemented with the last patch (HF 0.20.5), but when that is repealed or even slowly rolled back, we'll see more and more people feeling it again. :)

Hi Asher. I have no idea on this one.

Your bar is ready :)

Wow,thank you. Ate least I have 2 positives already for this month. That wasn't very good really but it at least highlights that some of us must be more positive maybe. Thanks Asher. Wrong type of bar and I am coming to drown my sorrows. I wish lol.

Congratulations for coming up with such a positively awesome idea! You rock Asher!! I was going to try and get the entire list of words in this comment haha, but I'll end it with the good egg strikes again. Someone very cool said that to me once :)

Thanks Lynn, I try!

I was thinking about including 'good egg' - maybe next time!

Geez Ash, you're a sucker for punishment! It's amazing how many charts you did here ... you really do rock, and I'm not just saying that :) I think you should include, "this is amazing" , but far be it for me to tell you how to do your job haha

Why not have a contest for just the words "you're a good egg". You and I would win :) Then I'd give you my winnings because you totally deserve it :)

Okay okay - I'm curious :D I'll have to think how to get people to write those exact words to me though :P

You're logic is not right 😀. You can't get people to say those words to you. You should instead get in touch with those people who are using these exact words very often! 😁 What do you say?

LOL! Yes I was mistaken but if not you would have been totally right :D

No problem, don't worry about it ;)

Well the score is taken from the words you write in comments - other people can say what they like (nice idea though for another chart in future!)

Oh, sorry, I got confused.

No I think you are ok based on your reply to soyrosa :)

The chart shows how many times you have said the phrases in comments to people over the month of September 2018.

Ok, work time!

Oh - I seem to love much but don't think many things are great or fantastic then :')

I'm part of the art/photo community as well so I might make more comments that are about pretty / beautiful / creative I think.

Thanks you so much! You rock! I applaud you for doing this :D

Lol oh I'd love to know mine!!!!! IS there a place I can look it up or are you the Data Daddy... looove it Ash!

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Great, here you are then :)

oh my god, that's hilarious. I'll show this to my hubby. He loves me because I get so excited and say 'I love this' and 'I love' all the time. This proves it. Thanks beautiful x

That's a positively awesome challenge and offer Asher! I don't think I've used those particular turns of phrase all that much, though... but thank you for doing this!


Thank you! Le'ts see...

Great contest, if you wouldn't have chosen expressions I rarely use, lol.
But you are right rewarding positiviy - SteemIt could definitely more of that:)
I applaud you :0)

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Thanks Mike! Yeah I'm sure I've missed some popular phrases, but there's always room for more like this in future :)

This is a good initiative to be kind to everyone in the STEEM blockchain especially in this bear market to motivate people to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Upvoted!

oh @abh12345 throw me into the mix!!

Into the mix you go!

Guess I am doing pretty good in this area. I try to change it up, sometimes I feel like a broken record.

hahaha I do too!! blah blah blah, but I'm being totally sincere! :)

Let's see mine :)

Just 1 for 'i love' - One love :D

This is very kind of you @abh12345 and an excellent idea coming at the right time because of the introduction of mana and it's my pleasure to be part of this contest. Congratulations to all winners in advance!
Well done @abh1234, this is much appreciated.

That is totally awesome, thank you so much for the support you give to the community, it is much appreciated. Lol
I wish i had not been so slow last month, but I typically use different phrases, like congrats and awesome, and just a plain thank you.

It is a great initiative, and we do appreciate it.

It's too bad it doesn't do posts as well, the Thank You Economy posts would have bumped my scores quite a bit.

Thanks @coinsandchains!

So many phrases available, and using posts was an option but some have footers like 'steem on!' :)

That's awesome, Asher! It's so great to see you promoting positivity around here... Will definitely love to see my bar, though I am pretty sure I will fall in "I love" because I use "I so much love"😀😀😁

Thank you! :) Let's see how much love you gave!

Answer, a lot! :D

😀 Didn't do too bad afterall .. Thank you!!

Well might as well try my luck lol! Although do me a favour and if the numbers are that low just ignore this comment ha ha

Might as well have a look :D

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Count me in! Asher you're the man! Nice profile pic update too 🌄🥂😊

Thank you! Let's have a look...

Not as many as i thought! I will up my game! Thank-you so much for doing this Asher! There's this thing going on with my account. I think i have done something without knowing wth i was doing my vp keeps draining. Do you think you have the time to help me out with it? You can see it with steemworld or steemd. There's my 100% vote out to various accounts that i am not actually making myself. Then those accounts are simultaneously voting my post at often a random percentage value. I have used steem voter for a while for some chosen accounts. But, after hf20 noticed my VP never recharged. I paused my auto votes and my vp still didn't recharge. I asked about it and Lyndsay Bowes pointed out these random votes. I have revoked my steem connect posting permission for all but steem auto and build team -- i don't know how to remove those two permissions! No worries if you don't have time to help me sort through this. I will copy and paste this request and keep searching till i get this sorted out! Arrrrgh! Icarumba!!

You must be voting with SteemAuto or steem voter, perhaps on a trail (SteemAuto) or a guild (Steemvoter).

Looking at your account, you revoked auths to buildteam - steemvoter? Sorted then?

So kind of you to look! It was tricky to revoke permissions for steemauto & buildteam @themarkymark was super helpful in helping me get that sorted out. It actually turned out that i sign-ed up for the Steem-Bounty vote club. Honestly, recovering from head injury is no small feat! The past two weeks have been exceptionally challenging mentally and emotionally and physically. And, i also caught the flu a few days. Plus all the changes with hf20 -- i completely forgot that i signed up for the vote club! But, YES! It's all sorted now. I really appreciate your support my friend. Thank-you so much Asher ❤🙏🎶