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HoboDAO Contests

Do you know about HoboDAO contests? The HoboDAO is a contest curation system that supports the Lotus/NaturalMedicine, Intrepreneur, Build-It and NaturalProducts communities. The HoboDAO is partnered with these great communities to support high quality content and make sure that the best content gains the visibility and rewards that such content producers deserve.

The HoboDAO holds a weekly contest for high quality content.

But how can YOU enter a HoboDAO contest?

Its very easy! All you have to do is send 500 HBO tokens (a Steem Engine token) to @hobodao with the URL address of your post or a friend's post.

Don't have 500 HBO?

Leave a comment in this post area requesting 500 HBO to try out our contest system and you will be sent a free 500 HBO to try out.

For optimal rewards, remember to use the tags:

HOWEVER please do not use these tags inappropriately! These communities can and will flag you if you abuse their tags.

What is tag abuse?

You may not be aware of this, but it is important to use the appropriate tags for the topic of your content. It is inappropriate to use the "lotus" tag when you are writing about Artificial Intelligence, for example. But perhaps your topic is related to health, in which using both the "lotus" and the "healthyliving" tags allows the HoboDAO to reward you with two separate tokens!!!

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Have fun with the HoboDAO and put out great content!

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