@steemcreative Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem // Week 4 // 25 Steem Prize.. Plus 10 Steem Monsters Booster Packs!

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Welcome one and all!

It's time for the weekly Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem!

The main prize will be 25 Steem, but there's a bit of a catch....

We want you to nominate another user's post!



We want to help encourage user interaction and reward people not only for their creativitiy, but also for their interactions and engagement on the platform.

Who Is Eligible?

This contest is open to ANY creative post. Not limited to art, but also music, film, needlework, sculpting, mime, or whatever else has a creative element.

So what do you get for nominating?

Well, this is the cool part. We are splitting the prize.

The person that nominates the winning post will receive 10 Steem and the Post creator will receive 15 Steem.

How cool is that?

It's very cool.

We will also be throwing random upvotes on meaningful comments in the contest post, as well as upvotes on entries submitted to futher engage and reward. We just keep giving!

And now! Steem Monster Packs!
Runner-ups will now be receiving Steem Monster booster packs! 1 pack to the artist and to the person submitting! You can do with these as you wish, play them, sell them, trade, whatever you want!

When Does This begin?

The contest will start with this post and will run from Monday, November 5th through Saturday, November 10th 8pm CST / Sunday 2am UTC.

Remember, you are nominating someone else's creative post! Self-nominating will not be counted.


  • I see cats in your header picture. Why?

    • Because they are part of the witness team!
  • How do I enter?

    • Step 1 - Find a creative post that you want to submit
    • Step 2 - Put the link of that post in the comments of this post
    • Step 3 - Spread the word about your selection
    • Step 4 - Win?
  • How are the winners chosen?

    • The winners will be chosen by our celebrated and decorated hirsute feline judges with consideration of engagement on the post via non-bot comment upvotes and comments.
  • Can I submit my own post?

    • Yes, but it will be disqualified from winning! The idea here is to promote other Steemians you silly rabbit.
  • Do I have to upvote or resteem the contest post?

    • We would appreciate resteems in order to get Streets Ahead.
  • Is Streets Ahead a common phrase?

    • Well, if you don't know then you're probably Streets Behind.

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Thanks guys!

Shane (@swelker101) and Isaria... And Snibby The Cat... And Jeffy the Cat


In the spanish community there are so many talented artists that I met. In this comment, i want to show you the most amazing girl: @sra.antropofagia. An artist, photographer with a concept and a message to the world. She likes the darkest and classic things, and we can see in her photographs the magic of the context, the models, the eyes and the meanings. I would like to share my favorites posts from her. (You have to take your time to translate some post, you gonna love the meanings!)

This is one of them:

If you read those posts, you will see: magic, direction, message, society and a feminist movement. I hope you can love her work much as I do. This is, with no doubt, one of my favorites women in Steemit.

And my favorite (the last post from her)

Apenas ahora logro ver este post!!
Que bello detalle....
De verdad no se que decirte mas que... ¡Gracias por tu apoyo!
No me esperaba este lindo articulo!

Hola, más que participar, agradecer a esta comunidad de @steemcreative, por su grandiosa labor. Es una manera de muy bonita de ayudar a todos aquellos que logran excelentes trabajos y muchas veces no son reconocidos como deberían, considero que más proyectos como este deberían realizarse en esta grandiosa plataforma.

link del trabajo concursante: https://steemit.com/animation/@elgeko/steem-hypno-series-part-i-optical-illusions-4k-resolution-uhd-stock-footage-royalityfree

Hoy les traigo un talentoso aportador de trabajos de #esteemit , el es @elgeko , el titulo de este trabajo se titula:

STEEM HYPNO serie parte I. Ilusiones ópticas - resolución 4K UHD - imágenes de archivo - royalityfree

Es una nueva serie de Optical Illusion, pero esta vez con el logotipo de Steem involucrado en la animación.

Este trabajo me parece genial y muy creativo, y algo que le da un plus es que trabaja en base el logotipo de la plataforma, considero que eso ayuda a crecer mas.



Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

Hi! I want to nominate @tomsmaid and his wonderful Cinematic Film called: Decisions.

Inspire on the philosophy of Alan Watts - British-American philosopher.

I nominate @andreasalas although we are always debating who of the 2 makes the best gif, I admit that their gif are excellent, I loved the gif in memory of Stan Lee


gif final stan lee.gif


I'll nominate @foxkoit with his picture of an awesome snake, I think he had courage to take it, because that could be a dangerous action and he is a wonderful photographer too, caught the perfect moment in a shoot. I hope you like it, he shows us great photos everyday.
I invite you to zoom 🔍 in all the picture and to wonder with the snake's skin, looks amazing!
Bye! And thanks for this opportunity 🎆😆

Hello Dear sponsors of this contest and beloved readers of this great family Steemit, I want to nominate @dali13 with his Post:

"Even in the darkness of tears, one of them will fill you with color."

She is a teenager with a beautiful heart and great courage to emerge in her day to day both in general and on this platform; This drawing and many of the ones I like because they always have multiple colors, the colors are symbol of joy, change, versatility and creativity.

In the latter in particular not only reflects the colors, also shows a very beautiful reflection of it where it expresses verbatim: "This drawing is not just another drawing, this drawing shows more than you see"; As we all know there are good days and bad days, here, Leave a message motivating everyone who like you, she and I spend a moment or simply sad: "If your day is rainy, convert in a rain of colors" so we will continue to fight day by day my esteemed readers in this world from a Multicolo optics R allowing us to see rainbows within the black clouds and showers of water, let's dance in the rain.

Other publications:

"the beauty of the dark"

"playing with colors"

No more to refer to, he says goodbye with one until soon. @rypo01

Hello, today I want to nominate @jeanstevenn I loved the way in which he has made this drawing, the variety of colors that when mixed bring a unique appearance


Hello friends, a big hug for you.
I want to nominate @odalysrivero because I love her handmade work, it is a beautiful craft, I hope you can appreciate this beautiful detail that she makes in her post, hopefully she will be rewarded for her work.


Hello friends! participating once again, I admire the artists and here in steemit there are many, today I want to nominate @li-art for his beautiful drawing made by hand, I really admire his talent for drawing, I invite you to see his work.


Congratulations to the winners of last week.!

for this week I want to introduce an artist who makes very realistic drawings has a real gift for art and drawing, that's why I wanted to bring it for this week, I could not let it go a good job
and deserves to be recognized. I present @betzaelcorvo one of the best steemit artists you can confirm.


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Hi I would select this post "https://steemit.com/photography/@nv21089/colotis-fausta-fausta-8f010218bcba3" the pictures are just amazing an so as the photographer .

I'd like to nominate @thelifeofjord for this post. https://steemit.com/dtube/@thelifeofjord/6mk3gzpz

He makes a lot of great travel content, and is the reason why I joined the Steemit community.

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