Daily Contest Leo Edition: I Need A Hug!

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Alright group therapy time.

I'm going to be honest the market hit me pretty hard today. I'm getting drained from these bad days and I am ready to just walk away from crypto for a few months. But I will try to keep up these contests going even if I cut down my posting. I don't know if this will be a short downswing or if we are going back down to 6 (or worse) all I know is I don't want to watch it anymore. If steem was a dollar or two I would be fine but as we are heading to less than 10 cents morale is hard to keep up.

So for today's contest all I am looking for is positive comments. Maybe a virtual fist pump or a keep your chin up. That's it.

The first ten will get 100% upvotes and I will give out more votes to the rest as a smaller percentage.

Here is a funny picture too. That was me today.

Keep in there team Leo.



It's going to be OK 👌 lol. Remember it's speculative and the drops are sometimes not in comparison to the ups. Best I can do .

lol it's good enough. I'm not going anywhere just tired.


Yep the appropriate response. lol

But I dont understand why this not working.
Beer1 !

Hi @whatageek
Keep your chin up mate 😁, it’s not over until the fat lady sings!💪
Ups and Downs appear to be part of the crypto life we have to get used to no matter how much hair we lose 🤣😂

At this pace we will all be bald soon lol

Keep your chin up.
Below 10 cent is just a reason to buy in.

That is what I will be doing. Plus I feel you are spot on with the Steemleo value

Yeah I got confidence in Leo, hope it pans out.

Hi friend, @whatageek.
Remember the bad weather good face.
We are all desperate for the fall in the price of STEEM, but I would recommend you relax and take a vacation.
When we return we will wait for you here, and surely there will be good news ...

Solidarity hug!

Solidarity hug back

All will be OK again. Convinced that the storm will pass. and like drinking coffee behind a bitter taste there must be a sweet taste tucked

This has been a long storm... lol

I think in order not to get carried away by demotivation, you need to remember the reasons that brought you here (and especially what kept you here). Once you have it all set you have a north to follow (even though the horizon doesn't seem to be so prosperous, financially speaking) and you will probably find ideas and motivation to continue believing in better days.

The problem was money is the reason I'm here lol

@whatageek I know just how it feels. We are all experiencing this crypto pain but remember my friend that it is a cycle. What goes down has to come up it is a cycle.
This holds for steem and all crypto's that offer value and utility

Yeah utility is key.

Resteemed already @whatageek. Solid upvote (170k SP) on the way :)

Don't give up buddy

Thanks for the upvote. lol project.hope how apt.
Yeah I'm not going anywhere just a long crypto winner

Dear @whatageek

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


Dear @whatageek

I am ready to just walk away from crypto for a few months

Perhaps that's the best you can do right now. Walk away for few months and prepare yourself mentaly for most likely upcoming heavy recession. That may be the best time to recharge battery and get ready for what's coming.

That may not be positive comment. Not something you may be looking for. I just think that you may really need some time off, to emotionally get some distance towards your investments and current markets.


Yeah I'm gonna spend more time elsewhere, just run the contests.