TRAVEL PRO PRICE IS RIGHT GAME! #407: Thai Sausages! Koh Phangan Thailand (play and win Hive!)

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Simply guess the price of the item recently purchased in the given location. The contestant who comes closest wins two Hive tokens.

Leave your guess in the comments in US dollars. The correct price and the winner will be announced and sent their prize the following week.


Location: Koh Phangan Thailand

Item: 700g of Spicy Northern Style Thai Sausages!

Thanks for playing!

Last Week's Winner: @saffisara guessed $1.50
Koh Phangan Thailand: 477g of Jack Fruit = $1.70


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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WOOT... Thank you for the fun 😉

Have a wonderful weekend my friend and I promise to be more active in your quests... Lol

All good Saffi! Just glad you can make it over when you have the chance. Thanks for playing and congrats on the win! :)

That's some pretty expensive Jack Fruit for Thailand, I think you got ripped bro 🤣🤣 Congrats @saffisara 👍

Let's put it this way. It's a whole lot cheaper in Chiang Mai that is for sure! haha. This island sometime has it's own weird micro economy. Especially depending on the fruit season, I've seen prices swing wildly here on some produce going from one month to another. Then the fruit or veg may totally disappear for 8 months.

Posted the first post of the new account. If you have time, check it out:

i always put lower than i think because i know you find those amazing deals lol

Right! and I usually do ;)

Thanks for playing buddy!



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I say $3.30c

Me reckon $3.55c