A Very “Salty” Roasted Pork 😏

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Following a recipe from YouTube, the pork belly covered with Coarse Salt before going into the oven.

👋 Everyone! So today I decided to cook Roasted Pork. This time I’m following a step by step of how to cook roasted pork from YouTube video that I found and think I have the ingredients at home. Different chef use different ingredients to marinate the pork belly.

Here is the YouTube Video that I followed to bake my roasted pork if you would like to give it a try.

After 90 minutes in the oven, this was how it looks like.

I didn’t manage to take photo of the pork belly when it’s cooked but what I can confirmed is that the Roasted Pork Belly is way TOO salty. When I ate the Roasted pork, I was thinking what did I do wrong? Obviously is too much salt, it got me thinking of what are the possibilities that make the Roasted pork too salty?

1. Is it the coarse salt make it too salty?
2. Is it the 1 teaspoon of salt?

Must be either one right? So in order to find the answer, next week I’m going to cook another roasted pork, I’m gonna put 1/2 teaspoon of salt and use different brand of coarse salt.

Have you ever bake your own roasted pork? Share in the comment section of your recipes 😃


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That is A LOT OF SALT!!!!!!!!

I followed the recipe, consider not a lot. Watch the video, the chef put full tray of salt covered everything