What It REALLY Takes to Be a Copywriter

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What does it take to be a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who takes something and presents it to your audience in a way that is relatable to them.

Most people think copywriting has to do with words, but we actually deal a lot with ideas. I always ask myself: "how does my audience want to consume this information?"⠀

A good copywriter weaves in their client's personal story.

People buy from people. The more someone knows about you the more likely they are to like and trust you (read: buy from you)!⠀

All that we do has the goal of evoking emotion out of our reader.

One of my favorites is future pacing- showing you how your customers' future would look with said product or service.

I also like to tell my audience how my client can help them get from point A to B.⠀

The end goal of evoking emotion is to describe actionable steps. This is also a call to action.

I may want someone first to like, comment, or share. Then I want them to visit a website or pick up the phone and call.⠀

Let me know if you agree and let me know some other qualities you look for in a copywriter!⠀

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Too many writers these days are focusing on rankings and SEO instead of engagement, and giving the reader something that's educational and entertaining !LUV

Yes exactly!!! While SEO is important and does help, especially for websites, engagement should still take rank. Without good engagement most readers wont stay for long or continue to look at more of your work.

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