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RE: How do we balance Government restrictions whilst giving people freedom to assess personal risk?

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There is a situation happening in my country right now and this is the fact that government gives people the opportunity to roam in the North, while imposing a strict lockdown policy in the south and West. I think one way or the other there's often conflict of morality in the way the lockdown is handled. I simply don't know about how it's happening in the US.
Now that balance is going to be really difficult to maintain if you ask me.


What are the reasons for the disparate policy?

The people in the north are majorly farmers, populated and well the poverty rate is quite high, the south and west are more of an industrial setting, high cost of living and the typical urban setting as well. Now the north is growing to have more cases and people are wondering why there's no full lockdown in the north. Is it sentiment from the government? We really couldn't tell