Panic syndrome may reach alarming rates in 2020 because of coronavirus

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Hello guys, as I am a psychologist, I am writing this text for you about the Coronavirus

Panic syndrome may reach alarming rates this year because of the coronavirus.

It is estimated that between 4 and 6 million Brazilians suffer from a disorder called panic disorder syndrome. In the United States, where more research has been done on the problem, experts say that 3.5% of the population suffer from the syndrome and that 71% of cases occur in women.

The indexes released are prior to the appearance of Covit 19, in 2020, due to the global fanfare not so much due to gravity, but due to the speed with which the virus spreads, the numbers may increase considerably.

The panic that is being generated around the new virus creates alternative realities that hinder rationality and although we are not experiencing a generalized panic situation for the time being, this situation may happen.

The current scenario of strong uncertainties may result in an increase in the number of cases of Panic Syndrome worldwide, as the determination of isolation has been generating a disorder that is accentuated with each new news published by the world press, since there is no forecast when this will all end. And it will end.

The whole world was already facing a severe crisis, but some countries like Brazil were managing to do the opposite way and had been registering timid growth rates when the virus appeared. The global unpreparedness to deal with an unknown virus had a direct impact on the economy of all countries and Brazil finds itself again having to start over, with the aggravation of an economy that has had a strong impact in recent years with the unfolding of the scandals involving corruption in your government.

The population that was feeling confident and expecting a significant improvement, now finds itself worried and afraid of the future. Social media platforms issue alerts at all times, and the volume of information on the topic creates anguish and contributes to a large part of the population beginning to fear the worst.

Permanent malaise generates sadness and discouragement. And, if we add to that, the emotional and physical conditions of people who are already being treated, as is the case of hypochondriac people, depressed and with panic syndrome, the whole panorama worsens.

Can we imagine what will become of these people who face these diseases on a daily basis when forced to live in this new world scenario?

For people who are already emotionally fragile, panic can go to extremes and can even result in collective tragedies.

Each one will be able to adopt a different behavior according to his personality, which is the result of his life history, his experiences and psychological nuances.

There are those who, in a panic, go to plunder, others, to negatively reach their neighbor, and some, in total despair, may even try to attack their own lives. Since, for these reasons, the rates of giving up on life can also increase alarmingly.

The level of emotional distress of some people is so great that when faced with something alarming like the coronavirus, the level of phobia and panic increases exorbitantly that they even experience physical symptoms of illness.

Some feel nausea even without vomiting, others feel numbness in their limbs, difficulty in walking, tingling, among other things. And even if the symptoms are not related to a more serious disease and with a proven diagnosis they are in fact happening in that individual. It is panic overtaking him, overcoming rationality.

Panic can also cause mental problems such as triggering a pre-existing illness that needed a spike in the nervous system to appear. It can also cause heart problems and psychological trauma that will affect a person's entire life.

One thing is for sure, the peak of panic will result in a change in the individual, be it mild or stronger, and there is no one who can change something in his own life due to this experience without professional help.

We have all suffered the impacts of human history like wars and disease outbreaks, and we are the result of them. This impact is imprinted on our genetic code and is passed on from generation to generation. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that happens in our lives, goes unnoticed in our present life or in future generations.

Cases that are already more advanced call for urgent professional follow-up, but some people who are feeling fearful more than others, but still don't feel panic, may feel some improvement in their current state if they start to establish some changes in their daily routine. , making it lighter and more profitable.

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