arcane power unleashed #14

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Here is another of my cover art capable runes. This should be large enough to use as a cover image, but you can also use it as your avatar on steem if you like. Using this as a cover image will auto-crop the center, so if you prefer to use a different piece of the art for your cover you will need to do a custom edit to crop the area you would like to use as your cover image, then host it anywhere online to get an image link for settings.
If you need help just ask.


Are you ready to see more magic?
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Wow. Another great design with a great display of ingenuity.

Pink or pink-ish is actually not my colour, but hell no, this design is a matrix. It bought out the beauty in pink that my eyes couldn't see. Beautiful and outstanding. I like the way you linked the patterns; from the centre to all the edges. The bright light creates something like a flora.

You will be an indispensable asset to a fabric company. You are so creative. I hope you work in one. I often imagine African fabric prints with your designs.

Please keep steeming and thanks for sharing.

Can I use this flier in my blog and posts?? Pls reply

You have my permission to use that however you like, inside or outside of steem (since it promotes steem), but keep in mind the original image is relatively large since it was made for printing clarity, so it does not load very fast on slow internet connections. If you find that to be any kind of problem you could just shrink the image size using any tool like MS Paint, gimp, photoshop, etc. or just use it as it is and keep an eye out for anyone mentioning if it was too big to load :)

Very nice cover image. It will look really beautiful as cover image. Thanks so much for sharing the cover images with us.

Wow great friend, this super interesting image, will give a special touch to your profile.

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Wow amazing what a great colour choice .it's great magic em shocked very well carry on and do more my dear

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