How to protect yourself from covid-19

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The prevention recommendations for COVID-19 are as follows:

Wash your hands frequently up to the wrists with soap and water, or clean them with 70% gel alcohol. This frequency should be increased when you are in a public environment (work environments, buildings and commercial facilities, etc.), when using public transport structures or touching surfaces and objects for shared use.
When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth or the easy protective mask with unhygienic hands.
If you touch your eyes, nose, mouth or mask, always clean your hands as indicated.
Keep a minimum distance of 1 (one) meter between people in public and social places. Avoid hugs, kisses and handshakes. Adopt friendly behavior without physical contact, but always with a smile on your face.
Frequently sanitize the cell phone, children's toys and other objects that are used frequently.
Do not share personal items such as cutlery, towels, plates and glasses.
Keep environments clean and well ventilated.
If you are sick, avoid close contact with other people, especially the elderly and the chronically ill, seek guidance through the online channels provided by SUS or attendance at health services and follow the recommendations of the health professional.
Sleep well and eat healthy.
The use of masks in all environments is recommended. Fabric masks (homemade / handcrafted) are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but can act as a physical barrier, especially against the exit of potentially contaminated droplets.

Encourage family members, friends and co-workers about the importance of wearing a mask and hand hygiene in preventing the spread of the virus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Tips for travelers:

If you need to travel, assess the real need. If travel is unavoidable, take precautions and follow the directions of your local health authorities.
When returning from international or local trips it is recommended:

Reinforce hygiene and protection habits such as the use of a mask, hand hygiene with soap and water or with 70% gel alcohol.
If you have flu symptoms, seek assistance from health services, and avoid contact with other people