The full skinny on Bill Gates

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A couple of weeks ago the deep dive on covid related deaths was made public in my home provence. It turned out that up until that date in a population of approximately 1 million people 51 had died as a result of the virus. Of that 51 deaths 45 of them happened in one old aged home in the capital city of my provence. Including even those aged folks the percentage of deaths per capita from the covid virus worked out to 0.0051%.

In the US even regular Chronic lower respiratory diseases has an annual percentage chance of death of 5.6% of the population. Does something seem off to you?

It does to me and it does to James Corbett of the CorbettReport. Included below are links to his 4 documentaries exposing the interest of Bill Gates and his Foundation into the virus and his investments in a cure for, what appears to me, a case of the flu.

If you are concerned to the new normal you would be well advised to give them a listen.


Love all of the Corbett gates videos. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a while, but then again each of his series are incredible. Have you watched the Rockefeller medicine episode yet? It came out several years ago but it’s still as relevant today as it was then!

Yeah James is one of my main reasons to be proud to be from the Confederation of Canuckistan, even though he chooses to live in Fukushima radiation instead. 😎

The Rockerfellers are brought up again in this series, especially how they related to eugenics.

He did one video back in 2012 called Rockefeller medicine, you should watch it. I learned a lot.

He does live there but in one of his videos he mentions he’s there for 1 of 2 reasons that many go, people either go for anime or Japanese women. Having 2 kids we can see what drew him there lol

Will definitely check it out, thanks.

With the thyroid child cancer rates spiking in Japan it seems a dumb place to raise a family. Especially with his work not nailing him down to one location. They say the southern hemispere is the safest to count down the half lives. ✌️😎

Here’s the link, it shows up for me in recommended videos but takes a few different ones to get there.

Ya the radiation is still leaking last I heard but unfortunately I don’t see much coverage of that in the places I watch since it’s been a while since that happened.

Here’s the link...

Thank ya. Thank ya very much.


... I don’t see much coverage of that in the places I watch ...

If you want to be brought up to scratch watch Dana Durford. He's like a pitbull at the ankle of the Nuclear Industry.

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I am beginning to that man called bill gate

Definitely time well wasted and time is something we all have a lot on our hands at the moment. ✌️😎