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RE: Experts FINALLY admit Coronavirus vaccines don't work - but we must be injected NONSTOP anyway!

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History is His Story

Who is he?

The one with the platform, the one with the followers.

Social media has almost become like the Rome Cathedral, we are all here getting offended by small talk looking fot an escalation, and if history wants to repeat itself, the fall of the law could be the 2nd fall of Rome.

The law most of these nations use to uphold this kangaroo court stemmed from God's law evolving through 18th century Europe, and I don't know about you but my family left Europe to get away from the crutches of these bureaucracies.

Christians think they are oppressed, but this is just one of the few times Christianity has been persecuted by their own creation, God's law and by extention through evolution the will off the modern judge, who still wears a Babylonian bib (the white thing around his neck) that their forefathers in Mesopotamia had worn.

Maybe one day the half of humanity that was neglected in the foundation of Mesopotamia and the creation epic of bablyon takes a root, a true reflection of ourself may be achieved...

Until then I am doubtful the greater majority of humans will not understand even how a dollar is made let alone what is happening in the world around them.


What's the value of a dollar?

You're right, most of my known ancestors left Europe for Canada/USA/New Zealand in the 1700s and 1800s.