What is cold and flu?

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Cold and flu helps your body survive, they heal you from toxicity, always have and always will.

They force the free radicals out and help your cells regenerate from the rot due to oxidative stress.

They are healing reactions not killing reactions.

Suppressing or trying to stop, prevent cold and flu symptoms will be detrimental to your health.


Covid-19 is just cold and flu rebranded.


This is the exosome theory? There was a youtube video that you might have linked to; it was interesting. Is there a print description of how this works? If the body recognizes the spike protein as a toxin and packages it up in an exosome to warn other cells in and outside the body.... would that look like a virus?

Exosomes can be spread between people and activate a healthy immune defence response if needed but it does not always its like yawning when you see someone yawn your body checks oxygen levels and if low you will yawn.. in this case with genetically engineered rna it will signal something naturally to others it's sad that normally there would be no concern about wild viruses but now we have to deal with these genetically engineered proteins from mass produced gene therapy products 😭

Anyone who takes experimental drugs like these should be monitored for weeks and months plus these chemicals and biological products should definitely not be allowed to just be injected at public place at all..