How to find Covid19 Vaccine (slots) in India

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The Indian government has mandated the use of mobile numbers, a platform accessible over web and 2 mobile apps to register for the chance to get vaccinated.

One challenge though is it not easy to find the slot as the availability is limited and its not keep checking the portal every now and then.

There are numerous tech solutions built made on top the API published by Cowin.


As one can see, There are quite a few solutions available in Github.

The top solution is the following based on Python, Jupyter & Streamlit

On a macOS or on Linux this can be installed and used as follows:

Install Anaconda from

After installation, ideally from the CLI mode, opening the bash (or shell) will give you Anaconda. The repository also has enough information.

pip3 install streamlit # this will get streamlit installed

streamlit run # from the code repo will start the app and open up a browser tab/window

I need vaccine but What if I don't have a mobile phone or access to internet ?

Not sure.


Here in my region I tried booking a slot but it's not available. I got myslef registered to gihub to know when the slots are available. Thanks for the information brother

pretty much everyone is in the same boat. Though private hospitals, ie the big ones seems to have stock.

Yeah but I'd rather wait and find a slot for Myself. what about you?

Yea, I will also be waiting. Plus need a vaccine thats approved by WHO so that we can travel internationally.

Yeah😀. Now I have to apply for a passport immediately

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Please contribute to the community by upvoting this comment and posts made by @indiaunited. these techies book the slots this way!!! ... does that cowin website work, I have not checked, assuming it won't work.

My vaccination may happen soon, as in my flat vaccination drive may happen, but its said have to register in Cowin, so irritation, janzat!!

.so these techies book the slots this way!!! ..

yea, people get alerts when the vaccine is available in a given hospital and they can register quickly.

There are also tools which automates the entire registration process. The above one is just to monitor the availability.

This going to be tough ride as it seems only 53-55% of the vaccine produced in the country is being made available in India as of now. Those with technical-financial muscle will get the advantage by the looks of it.

Today I got myself registered in cowin and my flat is arranging for residents to get hoping get some vaccine protection some time in the near future.

If it is not for this arrangement I cannot get vaccinated anytime soon with all this techie mussle power about.

Anyway... important thing is people follow Covid protocols and stay safe more than get vaccinated , that way chance of getting COvid is less anyhow.

That's what I have been doing and been Covid free even when my Dad was effected with Covid-19 last year peak during Sept.

However, that experience was nothing compared to the distress people are undergoing now, because my Dad got bed, oxygen and treatment easily, recovered fast and bacame stronger actually.

I was so happy that I managed to be covid-19 free even then. Anyway... I am hoping soon the situation becomes better and can have maid in the house back, and get back to doing my exercises rather than this rather dull house chores.

flats/apartments - how are they managing to by pass the vaccine reservation system in place ?

I live in Bengaluru. Here RWAs can contact GOvt. or private hospitals and arrange vaccination for resdents if there are over 150 people to be vaccinated

We all have to register in Cowin and subject to availability of vaccines, the hospital we contacts Fortis will plan a date and come over for a vaccination drive in the flat.

Ofcourse, we have to give our names, register in Cowin, then only.

Vaccine costs - 850 rs for covid sheild and covaxin 1250...they are going to give covissheild I think.

Here and even in Mumbai, company employees and their families have managed to get vaccinated it seems.

ok, got it.

Data collection seems to be a die-hard activity that the govt is doing from the time Aadhar introduced (from 2010 or so).

Yup...that's true do you know that Aroya Setu survailance capacity is there can track your movements that app can...

Thats why I not downloaded it... for privacy concerns. But people think it is good to have that app and that app makes it convenient to making vaccine bookings and stuff...

Better to use web portals and secondary phone numbers that is not linked with bank accounts etc for any online registrations. Apps are often a huge data risk.

Now they seem to be mandating aadhar too and thus in the process making "HealthID". Just like Aadhar came all this is coming without proper rules-guidelines in place.

I need vaccine but What if I don't have a mobile phone or access to internet

I heard, now they are allowing 45+ people to walk in with Aadhar and get vaccinated, may be it will come for 18+ when there are enough supply.

yea - The left over vaccines at the vaccination centers are given away based on producing a valid id proof (or residence proof)

Sadly not every Indian is a techie, there should be easier solutions to the problem. What if I don't have a phone? I am dead. Pathetic.