The Intelligent Virus and COVID 19 Mask Nazis

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100 days of mask wearing? Good luck with that! Thank God bacteria are nothing to worry about eh? Still, wearing a face nappy (“diaper” to my American cousins) is essential isn’t it? How else could you ever hope to to avoid spreading the politically aware virus?

COVID 19 is a truly amazing virus isn’t it? It is clearly the world’s first conscious strand of RNA inside a protein shell. Able to select who to infect and when. Making decisions all the time and following instructions. Someone aught to research it. Or at least develop some sort of widely available communication device so that we can talk to it too, instead of leaving the dialogue solely in the hands of politicians.

[Image from Paxabay]

It understands that it mustn’t infect people at the wrong time. In Ireland they had a pub time limit of 1hr 45 minutes. COVID would hang around, shoe gazing and reading the paper, for the allotted period, allowing the Irish to just enough time to furiously neck 10 pints of Guinness (as long as they ate sausage roll with it) but at the stroke of the 106th minute COVID would attack.

In other places it obeyed a curfew. In Liverpool you were safe in the pubs (sausage roll required) until 10pm. Obviously a night bird, COVID 19 was still at home infecting the kids (who thankfully it knows not to harm) but come 10 pm it had done it’s hair, slapped on some lippy a set off to infect the night-time economy.

Mind you it is an ugly little blighter, as we can tell from all the CGI images we’ve seen of it, so that explains why it shuns daylight. Preferring the anonymity of the dark.

Of course pubs are somewhere where COVID likes to hang out. It is one of the many social meeting places it targets. Gym’s, community centres, local stores, offices, small businesses and refrigerated meat packing plants are among its favourite haunts.

Multinational corporations are the only safe spaces. Supermarkets, Amazon packing depots, high street department stores and intergovernmental conference centres are all fine. COVID doesn’t like going there at all.

It was in a supermarket that I witnessed a truly remarkable exchange. A young fit looking woman (about 20 I reckon) wearing a fetching skull and bones mask (she was a Goth) screamed in the face of a mask wearing old lady to “maintain her social distance”. The old lady, who probably could just about remember when other Nazi’s were dropping bombs on her neighbours house, looked at her (probably smiling – who knows?) and said “sorry dear” and took a pace back.

Of course the only person who was at any risk from the virus in that exchange was the old woman. The chances of the lunatic fringe of twenty something mask Nazi’s being affected are statistically zero. But that’s what mask wearing is all about. Belief! It is a matter of faith and if there is one human trait most likely to cause us to act like storm-troopers, it’s faith.

COVID knows what to do - [Image from Pixabay]

There isn’t any evidence at all that wearing a mask can stop either the spread or contraction of a virus which floats around in the atmosphere, piggy backing on the back of microscopic dust particles. You can’t step aside to let a virus pass. Sticking a bit of cloth over you face will make absolutely no difference whatsoever to the spread of a viral respiratory infection.

However there is plenty of evidence that it will increase your chances of bacterial infections. The constant face touching adjustments is just about the worst thing you could do in a real respiratory viral pandemic. It will reduce your oxygen levels, increasing your chances of other associated ill effects.

With the muzzled reduction of your immune sytem you managed to raise your susceptibility to that pesky little COVID, who doesn't actually give a shit about your delusions or your orders. Despite what you have been led to believe.

That I see young children wearing these slave masks annoys me more than I can say. Not only is it harming the child, constituting child abuse in my view, it is conditioning them to be fearful. To believe in a danger that that is none existent for them and negligible on a societal scale. Training them to obey their orders from the government, like good little ignorant slaves. It is a fucking disgrace.

There isn’t a single randomised control study (RCT) which demonstrates any effectiveness for wearing a cloth mask. Even if you could afford a state of the art medical respirator, they only manage to reduce your chances by a marginal 10 percent or so. And that’s a big “maybe.”

People who want to avoid viruses, like virologists, wear pressurised NBC suits and fully enclosed helmets attached to an independent oxygen supply. They do not wander around the lab wearing a bandanna on their face, imagining their cloth face muzzle will protect them from Ebola.

And yet so many people do. Undoubtedly that is because COVID 19 has changed its mind again. When it was at its most apparently virulent in western democracies (March – June) every single politician and scientific advisor, from Fauci to Valance, Matt Hancock to Sadiq Khan said wearing masks was a wast of time. COVID understood this instruction and stuck to striking down people in care homes.

But then, as the media were running out of mortality statistics, suddenly COVID decided that it would respect the sanctity of the elected mask wearers. The politicians, based on no new evidence at all, instructed the World Health Organisation to change its advice so that everyone could imagine wearing a mask was essential.

This allowed them to feel like they were doing something “responsible.” It also meant that they could spot the crazy conspiracy theorists in their midst who had familiarised themselves with the evidence and knew that wearing a mask was nothing but a mark of your obedience to the state.


We get as much tyranny as we tolerate,...

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Spot on. This worldwide tyranny is BS and I pray someone will just talk sense but the global cabal has a plan set in motion. Enter: Revelations and One World Government aka Globalism.
I am so angry to see our grandkids masked up and I can't wear them with migraines 😫, not that I'd choose to but you get kicked out of stores. Good post.