The New World Order Of The First Galactic Empire

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The New World Order Of The First Galactic Empire

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Video: Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know: The Knights of Malta:

The Rockefellers And The Rothschilds:

The Rothschilds are Jesuits:

A Rolodex to beat them all: How the late David Rockefeller built up an incredible catalog of 200,000 index cards detailing meetings with everyone from JFK to Nelson Mandela and Donald Trump:

“I Am The Devil”

Bitcoin requires so much computing activity that it eats up more energy than entire countries. One of the easiest and least disruptive things we can do to fight the #ClimateCrisis is to crack down on environmentally wasteful cryptocurrencies - Elizabeth Warren:


There's a great deal of 'inversion' within the world. So much is 'hidden in plain sight'. Important to be able to see beyond the illusions whilst maintain 'the calm within oneself'. Where attention goes, energy flows ✌️

Jeff im so happy your learning the breath buddy. Should only learn from a yogi master. But you do you. Its amazing what 20 or thirty deep inhale deep exhale can invigorate you.

What makes you think I am not a Yogi Master? What makes you think Jeff would just go with anyone?

hi Jeff & Team ! Love your entertaining & informative reports - indeed I am spending less time on other sites I enjoy . . . yeah but let's not delve too deeply into THAT here. I especially enjoy the manner in which you mix many of the clips into the talk & also your appreciation of the transitory nature of life on Earth and the need for personal, spiritual growth. In short, your precious time online is greatly appreciated and long may you all continue. Namaste !

Thank you for watching!

Great video! 👍👍👍

The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ and Catholicism is Scripture and Apostolic Tradition. The masons, started by the jews, are the problem. The masons infiltrated the Church slowly over the years. Including all Her holy orders (Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Benedictines, Franciscans, etc.) I cannot go to mass or receive Communion any more because of their satanic changes and their installing of an antipope ("Francis.") Catholics are a remnant today. Being a mason is automatic excommunication. Those people are not Catholic. The Jews have been fighting the Bride of Christ, and therefore Christ Himself, since the beginning. They dont want the gospel preached. They are adversaries to all men until the end (1 Thessalonians 2:15.)

The prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success says it all.

How could the RC instituion be the true church when you admit the Pope is false? Is not the Pope said to be infallible, at least since Vatican Conncil I?

A Pope is infallible when making an Ex Cathedra statement. "Francis" is not the Pope, Benedict still is.
However, real Popes can error and sin too, they are not God. All Popes are not Canonized. Some are probably in hell.

St. Paul wrote that there will be a revolt first before the antichrist comes (2 Thessalonians 2:3.) We are living through it now.

There is plenty of good research showing how this is being done. One of the more recent publications is Taylor Marshall's Infiltration - The Plot To Destroy The Church From Within.

Get high on your own supply - Wim Hof

Awesome video Jeff!!!

From 'Tweed Heads' in Australia - born in hospital next to 'Tweed River'. Synchronicity so cool ✨

This was an EXCELLENT episode, and I really enjoyed watching !
I'm hoping the corrupt people in the world are brought into the light for all to see very soon.

Another great video. I would love to see the proof that people who are not Roman Catholics, e.g., G.H.W. Bush were members of the Knights of Malta.

Is it a trap for El Salvador to adopt BTC as legal tender? Considereding the fluctuation in the value of BTC will this end up hurutng the economy in EL Salvador if all transactions will have to be conducted in BTC?

Bruh, this is all disinfo. Jesuits are just jews pretending to be christian

Thanks for the video, happy subscriber for years now. Can you pinoint me to the source of the wellerman piratechain song used in the ending?

Hi Jeff, I'm a french canadien from one of the worst place on earth "Québec" and I've been following you for a while. I really like your content and I feel we are very a like. I'm not a subscriber and by the way a contest for a free VIP subscription only for those on Tweeter. What the fuck! I live without Facecrap, Instashame, Tweetfuck, and any of this bullshit like you talk about in your videos and then you make a contest for those only on those bullshit networks, on the other hand I would really like a VIP subscription to the Dollar/Crypto vigilante family but will not break my convictions for it. Like my father use to say "you have to talk the talk and walk the walk". Anyway, the reason of my post his not to wine but about the crypto you're about to announce, I believe it's Epic cash the most private coin out there. I have no affiliation with Epic Cash and only have a few. I've just started mining it and think it has all you are locking for in a private coin. Can't be more private then no wallet addresses!!!! The world is changing and it will the EPIC!!!
I've been researching a lot about everything and I have tones of ideas on how to crash the current corrupt system and create a parallel anarchist society that takes more and more place in the world and private coins is definitely one of them.
I like James too, because he has started on the path of solutions and here is a few ideas i have about it:

  • Overflowing their justice system by creating websites that gives legal documents for suing leaders of every country by just inputing your personal info and printing and hiring a justice bailiff to serve the leaders personally for crime against humanity. It will overflow the justice system and intimate the leaders if they receive bailiff every other day with new lawsuits against them personally. Trying to congest their system and make it obsolete.
  • Reappropriate your towns and cities. Getting involve in municipal politics. First change the rules of your direct environnement. Taxes base on services not on value of propriety, restructure the system from the base up. If you invest in your community you should not have to pay more taxes for it. If companies don't pay taxes in your town but services that they actually are using, the industry will be flourishing. Invite other towns and cities to do the same. Have the people responsable, responsable for their actions.
    I have so much more to share....

Thanks for the shoutout and thank you for being open to try this technology. Love you bro.

Registered and crossing my fingers! Winning this would change my and my family's life forever!! THANK YOU Jeff and the whole crew for doing this GIVEAWAY!