Artisan: The beauty that comes out of his hands

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Each one of us has the way to be able to make an inner journey, from our mind to our heart and I can tell you that my way is through my hands. With them you can do a lot of activities: writing, painting, playing a musical instrument, weaving, creating, loving.

In this issue, I want to talk about the art of weaving with our hands. Weaving a piece, takes us to our ancestors, connects us with those who in one way or another are part of our essence, our spirit feeds every day of an art that is in our veins, we are artisans, we can satisfy basic needs and create new ways to brighten moments with details made from the deepest love.

Each piece out of our hands, is unique, beautiful, full of passion, love and good wishes. If you receive the work of an artisan, value the effort, culture and a torrent of ancestral energies.

Photo: @sweet-candy


Wow... amazing work

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Thanks a lot...!!