Philosophical Notions On Genuine Music & Art Production In A Hopelessly Domintaed, Centralized Era


Travels have taught me a great deal about what self-actualization means. In order to relay this condensed idea let me give you a short rundown of how I came to it.

I am on travels and am given the opportunity to play a dj set at the next major psy party here in Albania, which I am super grateful for, AND - a little afraid. Stage fright they call it ("lamp fever" as the Germans call it.)

But I will plow through it, getting obsessed with collecting experiences in the realm I am most interested in and drawn to - the psy scene, and making psy music.

And so, for playing a set I am naturally going through not only my own tracks that have aged somewhat but also through other artists' tracks, seeing how I can fuse them into a beautiful journey of the mind.

And here it struck me:

There are so many tracks available today, by anyone whose tracks have somehow made it to me. It's a novel area/genre of music creation and subculture, a few mere decades old and constantly evolving.

You can not know much about making decent psy but still feeel its spark - the wish to create your own tracks with what you can do - and then just go do it. What comes out is often a very special and peculiar, definite form. It's like a grand Hive working decentralized to create their own pieces, much like visual art works.

We may be influenced by our age, our conventions, current fads and what makes us tick, but in the end when grassroots players make grassroots tracks it always comes out as sort of a wild card, a kind of untamed precise fingerpointing to a very concrete area of experience or interest - molded into sound. A very specific and definite expression of our way to understand our own place in the cosmos and how we can best give life to it through our art and music, in expression.

And while there are big labels with tracks that are awfully polished and maybe a little bit too streamlined by current industry, there are endless amounts of genuine tracks by those trying to find their own way until they found it.

And among those tracks there are real gems to be found. Real "haphazard" ways of trying to express what someone found while on the way. Mystical sound anecdotes of progress that may only be seen for their true spiritual worth years or decades later when the puzzle of societal progress and spiritual self-discovery will have come together.

And it strikes me that that may precisely be what is so essential to building the new paradigm.

We are no longer merely emulating and worshiping the paradigm, the fads and hip trends that industry and the gang have prepared for us to consume and revere. Rather we dare to take a leap on our own and becoming the artists we want to see in the world out there. Even if it takes making 20 tracks that "suck" until we get there. At least those tracks are real and from the heart - "weird" but real.

Gems may be few and far in between but I feel this road has merit.

Because it goes through deep valleys of self-doubt, of wrestling with our inner hurdles and hesitations, of coming up against the (tool-capable, production-quality-related) bar that has been set high by the gang and their mind-manufacturing army of media, governments and control agencies.

We have to at least parallel it or people will not listen.

Only to come out at a point where we not only have ripened and matured as artists but have traveled the road there on our own accord. Making things along the way that are genuine and direct more than anything the PR army has ever offered.

I am thrilled to be part of it. It's not too late to join that new collective - some have done their part already but - just like with Hive - the party hasn't even started yet. It's a great time to get going!

Let resonant artists come together and fuse their individual expressions into something that is larger than the sum of its parts. Genuine music and art that one day will be ready to transform the late joiners and society at large. Not through coercion like thew gang has done, but by offering something so genuine, real and powerful that noone can resist it who has a heart to discern good and true, from bad and false.

The power of truth on our side, it can only come through plowing through the thorny valleys of going our own way in the chaos zone that is life on Earth among ideologies, strange agendas and limitless levels of mind manipulation.

Genuine artists out there, I salute you! Keep producing.

You know I will!

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