What's in my wallet?

These are the tokens in my SE wallet. Most of them I've staked and a few I didn't. Many or all of these were airdropped weeks ago. And some are now part of payouts. A few of these tokens are probably not worth anything. Some tokens have information about them and others do not.

What about you, what tokens are in your wallet? Are you trading these tokens?


I consolidated a lot of mine and bought the new Lifestyle token. I even bought a few of their miners which is the first time I've tried that. I really think this is a good tribe and like how they didn't do mass air drops and they are going to keep the token scarce. It's gone up in value in the first week so far. I got out of things I wasn't interested in or staking and took a chance.

When you say consolidated- you mean you trade/converted them all to steem? How long did each one take? I’ve briefly read the lifestyle-so not very much acquainted with it, but I did read something about ‘burning’ a token - I’m not familiar exactly what that entails. Will have to read more I guess.
But there’s another one that looks really appetitely appealing it’s called spinvest. Have you read or heard about it yet? Seems a very good one to me in terms of investing long term. They have an Spi token, One million is waiting to be sold each for 1.10 if you buy direct. Check it out.

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by consolidating I just mean taking my balances of tokens I don't participate in, converting to steemp and then buying the ones I like. I haven't withdrawn from steem-engine yet because steemp is just a pegged to steem token. I wanted to buy afitx and lifestyle miner because I like those tribes. You are only supposed to use the tags that are relevant to each tribe so my posts are mainly considered lifestyle posts. I don't want to get downvoted for posting my actifit report to Leo or weedcash etc.

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I too have many tokens like that, some I don't even know their value or how I got them. I think I need to find time and do some research. Either I will stake them or sell them.
Enjoy your Tuesday ahead 👍😎😁

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Yeah, many tribes we’re airdropping and introducing their tokens to people for adoptation and see if it’s something that appeals or suits you based onto your needs, liking or interest. I agree research is a must, but some of these don’t have much in-depth information as to what type of project or issue they’re working on for. But there are some that are pretty much direct like the sports for example.
And yeah, me too still trying to learn and figure out how SE works. It’s not so easy at times most of the times it’s confusing to me.

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Wow your wallet looks like mine lol🤣🤣 I have the same ones. I am not trading any, but I plan too. My wife traded some swiftcash for afitx the other day. I staked a few, but then I changed my mind and I am in the process of un staking, I didnt know it takes so long to unstake them lol

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Nice sharing your token wallet @roger5120, and that is a lot of tokens you have there, as for me I am really into CTP, and create and engage there every day, I have over 2600 of those now, and they currently stand at 2.247 cents USD, but more importantly it's been able to retain it's value really great.

I even bought some miners, the first time I ever did that, plus I really do like what the tribe is about, affiliate marketing, so I am just staking everything I get, plus I also trust the man behind it @jongolson.

One more thing is that CTPtalk is onboarding a lot of new Steemians, and I can only see that this will accelerate going forward, so I have a very positive view of the future for this tribe and token, but that is my view, do your own research before investing. 😉

Stay Awesome!

Hi guy ! You can try use Atomic wallet ! This is so amazing wallet. Very good opportunity in my life