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In mandatory government schools, we're told that monopolies are bad. Therefore, in order to prevent monopolies, the government must monopolize the regulation and oversight of justice, transportation, healthcare, violence, and absolutely everything involving commerce. If these individuals cannot comprehend their hypocrisy, perhaps this message will educate them.

Break Laws Not Hearts
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Are there really any laws? The rules called laws made by governments are just guidelines as to how to live in order to keep everyone safe. Even the safety rules are oxymoronic because you can not predict with 100% certainty at all times how people will behave.
We need to stop relying on government safety rules and start living virtuously. Being personally responsible is a start.

@wanderingmoon, I'm totally with you regarding not relying on governments and personal responsibility. If those laws were treated as guidelines, I wouldn't take issue; however, guidelines aren't enforced by violence. More accurate terms are demand and decree. I believe we're well past the "keeping people safe" excuse (even though the majority of people who work for the state sign up with benevolent intent). Nonetheless, thank you for commenting!

It is sad they are not treated like the guidelines they are. I agree with that. At the same time when one tries to enforce these guidelines they are messing with the one thing even the almighty itsself will mot interfere with, free will. No one individual or group has that right either.